10 Black Bedroom Designs Looks Elegant

Most of the rooms in the house are painted in bright colors such as white or beige. The color is a favorite color to impress clean and spacious.

Especially for the bedroom, it is rarely painted in dark colors like black. It is said that giving black color to the room gives a dull impression.

Even though the choice of black color is not always bad, it can even make the room look elegant.

Elegant rooms also depend on supportive interiors and designs. Choose the right mix and match so that rooms with black elements remain sweet and comfortable to live in.

Like the following 10 black bedroom designs that can be an alternative to your dream room design. You can tinker yourself so that the design is suitable for your room.

1. Especially for black fans, the walls and interior can be given a matching color. Give paintings on the walls and chandelier decorations to make them look more attractive

source: behance.net

2. Looks elegant by combining black and white. Put a fancy chandelier for decoration

source: homedit.com

3. Change the wallpaper and curtains with the same picture. As for the interior, combine it with a monochrome, black and white theme

source: elledecor.com

4. In order not to look dark and gloomy, use windows as a source of natural lighting

5. If you don’t like it too dark, paint the walls with a different color for each side. Also put the wood element to make sleeping more comfortable 

source: home-designing.com

6. Combination of three colors to make it look different. Paint the walls black while the interior choose brown and beige

source: homedit.com

7. Looks elegant and luxurious by mixing silver elements on wall hangings and large pots

source: mynewstyle.com

8. Even though the room is narrow and painted black, it still looks fancy with a painting on the wall as a decoration

source: pinterest.com

9. In addition to black, a dark impression can be obtained by painting the walls a dark blue color

source: stylebyemilyhenderson.com

10. Use glow in the dark stickers to make your room look cheerful even though it ‘s dark in tone

source: designrulz.com

Regardless of looking dull or not, interior selection is important to get rid of the dull impression. Look for references often so that you get a comfortable room design to rest.

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