10 Charming Minimalist Kitchen Under Stairs Inspirations Design

Is there an area left under the kitchen of a tiny house? Why not use it as a cooking and eating area? Come on, maximize the bottom of the stairs by following the minimalist kitchen design recommended by HomeFreeDesign.com below.

In a small house, generally the kitchen will be outside the room because of the lack of space in the house. But not everyone likes the outdoor kitchen area because it is more easily exposed to rain, wind, or dust splashes. If you are one of those who don’t like the outdoor kitchen area, you can maximize the area of ​​your home by using the area under the stairs as a kitchen.

Check out some minimalist kitchen designs under the stairs that are suitable for small houses here!

Minimalist Kitchen Under the Stairs Design Inspiration

1. Bright Color Minimalist Kitchen Design

source: instagram.com

This kitchen design is suitable for your small house.

The combination of bright colors in the kitchen, namely white, light blue, and yellow makes the room brighter

This kitchen also carries an open plan style, so the small area under the stairs looks wider.

Although small, this kitchen is able to contain various tools needed in the kitchen, such as stoves and rice cookers .

2. Kitchen Under Stairs with Marble Kitchen Countertops

source: instagram.com

Give a splash of color to a minimalist kitchen by using bright colored kitchen sets , such as blue.

The blue kitchen set will look beautiful combined with white wall ceramic tiles and brown marble kitchen countertops.

You can also store cabinets in the area under the stairs to increase the storage area in the kitchen.

In this cupboard, you can store various kitchen electronics such as a microwave and water dispenser.

3. Modern Kitchen Design Under Stairs

source: instagram.com

If you want to have a modern kitchen, you can apply this design to the kitchen.

Use a simple light-colored wooden kitchen set to make the room look more minimalist.

If you have a house with high ceilings, you can store hanging cabinets to increase storage space in the cooking area.

4. Tiny Kitchen Under the Stairs

source: instagram.com

This tiny kitchen can contain a cooktop, a rice cooker, and a sink for washing dishes.

To increase storage space, you can use hanging cabinets and hanging shelves on the kitchen wall.

So that this small room looks wider, you can use white on your kitchen table.

5. Minimalist Kitchen Design with Ethnic Nuance

source: instagram.com

Make your minimalist kitchen an ethnic nuance like this one kitchen design.

The ethnic kitchen makes the room feel cooler, cooler, and more comfortable.

Save some wooden furniture in the room, such as wooden lamps, wooden tables, wooden chairs, and wooden accent walls.

Also add some room decorations like green ornamental plants to add a beautiful feel.

6. Monochrome-dominated kitchen

source: instagram.com

Make the kitchen under the stairs look more modern by using monochrome colors on kitchen furniture.

Combine a dark kitchen table with white ceramic walls to make the room look more charming.

If you still lack space because of the small kitchen area, you can save a kitchen island or additional table.

You can use both of them to prepare food.

7. Minimalist and Elegant Kitchen Design

source: instagram.com

Even though it’s small, you can make the kitchen under your stairs look more elegant.

It’s easy, add some decorations such as chandeliers, marble tables, and shelves in your kitchen.

In addition, you can also use monochrome colors to add an elegant effect to your kitchen.

8. Tiny Kitchen Under the Stairs with Mini-Bar

source: helloshabby.com

You can apply this minimalist kitchen design under the stairs in a small house.

To make the room look wider, you can choose  a white kitchen set and paint your walls in the same color.

Although small, this kitchen has many surfaces for preparing food due to the addition of  a mini bar at the front of the room.

9. Modern Kitchen with Charming Masculine Impression

source: decoruma.com

You can apply the next inspiration if you like a kitchen with a modern style.

You can find a modern impression thanks to the use of dark colors in this room, namely black accents on the walls and  kitchen island.

To make the kitchen look lighter, this dark color is combined with pastel and neutral colors.

The colors in question are for example green on the kitchen set, brown on the wooden floor, and white on the stairs.

10. White Minimalist Kitchen with Many Cupboards

source: helloshabby.com

You can imitate the minimalist kitchen design under the last stairs in your home.

Due to its small size, the kitchen under the stairs generally does not have much space to store things.

To overcome this, you can turn the empty area on the stairs into a cupboard to store your cooking utensils.

You can also equate the wardrobe with  a kitchen set  so that the whole room looks matched and harmonious.

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