10 Living Room Carpet Models from Minimalist Design, Monochrome, to Korean Style

The presence of a living room rug gives a beautiful touch to the decor, while increasing comfort. Here are some of his inspirations.

Confused about presenting a comfortable and aesthetic modern minimalist living room? Try it, use a luxurious carpet for the living room.

Carpets with quality materials and beautiful motifs will add to the aesthetic beauty and comfort of a 3×3 meter minimalist living room.

Its use can also protect residents from cold temperatures when sitting on the floor tiles of the living room 60 x 60 cm.

However, don’t forget to pay attention to the size of the living room carpet. Let it match the availability of the room.

Do not let instead of providing comfort, its placement actually makes the room narrow or seem strange.

So, the width should not cover more than 50% of the minimalist living room floor surface. Calculate proportionally yes.

Meanwhile, to give a beautiful impression to the room, the selection of the floor mat motif also has an essential role.

Living Room Carpet Model for Decoration

1. Big Pattern Pattern

If you want the room to seem more spacious, try using a rug with a large patterned motif.

Also adjust the color of the living room carpet with the furniture in the area. You can choose a gradient from the main color.

2. Comfortable and Soft

With fur material, the presence of the carpet will make the living room more comfortable and warm, it even looks luxurious and elegant.

The living room carpet model also makes the room look softer and more beautiful, of course with a beautiful white color.

3. Purple As A Beautiful Accentuation

To bring a beautiful touch to the design of a small living room, try choosing a carpet with a purple round shape.

With a plain motif design, this rug can make a simple minimalist living room more beautiful and attractive.

4. Dazzling Floral Motifs

You can make a minimalist living room design with a size of 3 × 4 meters beautiful with the use of this small floor rug.

The trick, choose a soft rug with a floral pattern with a soft bright color. The pattern of the carpet can certainly provide an interesting accent.

5. Korean-style living room

Well, for K-Pop Lovers , choosing a carpet with the right color can help bring you Korean-style home decor.

Choose a plain soft rug, like this pastel pink. Guaranteed to make a simple Korean-style living room more aesthetic.

To present a small living room design with a beautiful atmosphere, try using a carpet made of synthetic grass.

Also combine with indoor ornamental plants in pots, as well as unique wall ornaments. Can you see the results for yourself?

7. Round Carpet

The application of a round-shaped living room rug can give a unique impression on the decoration of the room, there are unique accents, yes.

You can choose a minimalist living room carpet in a combination of green and white beige to give a homey impression.

8. Monochrome Carpet

The decoration of the 3×3 side door living room is even more elegant with the use of a monochrome themed carpet.

Use an elegant living room rug with black and white colors and minimalist motifs. The color choices are classic.

9. Minimalist Motifs and Colors

The presence of a gray living room rug with minimalist line motifs makes the elegant living room design even more perfect.

You can harmonize the color of the carpet with the color of the latest minimalist living room sofa, the choice of soft colors is certainly suitable.

10. Elegant and Comfortable

Use a plain rug with a monochrome color, such as black. This will give a touch of luxury to the decor of the communal room.

While this living room is dominated by white on the sofa walls, sofa cushions, and others. There is an interesting accent from the presence of the carpet.

Those are a number of decorating ideas that use living room rugs of various colors and motifs. Which one do you want to choose?

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