10 Minimalist Bathroom Glass Models

Minimalist bathroom glass also functions as a partition between wet and dry areas. Compared to curtains, glass is still the best choice so that water does not spread to other areas that you want to dry.

The appearance of the clear glass also adds a clean and modern impression. So that a minimalist bathroom mirror is perfect for those of you who want to give a minimalist yet edgy feel . Here is a minimalist bathroom glass model that can be chosen for a modern bathroom.

Frameless Glass

As the name implies, frameless means there is no frame or frame surrounding the glass. The advantages of course add to the impression of minimalism because there are not many supporting ornaments. The room will look more clean and spacious.

However, this frameless glass model usually cannot be opened and closed because it is vulnerable if you move a lot with the hinges or shift it. So this model glass is usually only a half partition of the wet area. Therefore, you still have to make an effort to take a shower not too much so that the water doesn’t splash into the dry area through the area that is not covered by this frameless glass .

Minimalist Bathroom Glass Etched Model 

Etched means engraved or engraved, but for etched glass models , it means a sticker or ornament affixed to the glass as a motif to add decorative accents. Usually patterned printed text and images are desired.

This etched glass model is actually similar to modern frosted glass which will be discussed in the next point later. Its function is to add privacy when doing bath activities with glass as a partition.

Glass Model Glass Block

The glass block model also has a function to add privacy accents so that bathing activities don’t look too real because they are only limited by clear glass. Glass block comes in the form of thick square glass arranged in such a way,

Usually, each glass block box has a clear geometric pattern so that it gives a blurry impression but is still beautiful and aesthetic even though the movement of the person behind it will still be visible.

Bamboo Glass

If you want something a little different, you can choose modified glass and combined with thin bamboo. Glass like this is beautiful not to be used as a partition, but to be used as a bathroom wall.

Of course, this type of bamboo glass wall is suitable to be applied in a hotel-style bathroom that prioritizes privacy. 

Frosted Glass

This type of glass is difficult to penetrate because of its opaque texture. Usually, frosted glass has a slightly rough texture because of the sticker that is affixed to one side to create the blurry effect.

The advantages, of course, will be more comfortable because privacy is more awake. The slight drawback is that the area covered by the frosted glass will be much darker. So you need to add a separate light in the bathroom area that is partitioned by this glass.

Glass Curtain


Glass can also be combined with curtains to make it more beautiful and look more flexible. Of course, choose curtains that are not waterproof, not cloth curtains. Usually, this curtain is also placed behind the glass that is installed as a bathroom wall like the type of bamboo glass above.

Its function is of course to cover the bathroom visually to make it more private. This combination of glass curtains should also be applied in the bathroom, yes, Pins.

Glass with a Minimalist Frame

A minimalist frame means only having a frame on the outside as a frame or choosing one color to keep a simple and minimalist impression. You can also choose a checkered frame that is not too small so it doesn’t look too much, which actually reduces the minimalist impression.

Usually, the color chosen for the frame is black which is suitable to be combined with any nuance or theme of the bathroom. Other neutral colors like silver and beige are also suitable if you don’t like colors that are too dark like black.

Double Panel Glass

Double panels are similar to minimalist frames, except that you can freely choose the frame and one of the panels functions as a door for entry and exit. Don’t forget to adjust the door hinges so that the access opening leads into the wet area so it doesn’t take up space and space.

Glass Sliding Door

Sliding door type glass or sliding doors can be the best alternative for bathrooms that have limited area and area of ​​​​movement. So that when opening or closing the glass partition between the wet and dry areas does not take up too much space and limits the movement of users.

But make sure to choose a strong sliding track and glass that has sufficient thickness. Because this type of sliding glass is prone to breaking if it is too thin and is moved too strongly.

Luxury Minimalist Bathroom Glass

One of the frame designs that can be chosen is a frame that presents a minimalist style but is still luxurious so that it is not too monotonous. No need to play with motifs, just add gold as a list or frame from the bathroom partition glass.

You can also combine the gold list to be applied to the edge of the sink or shelves and storage cabinets to make them look matched with each other. An elegant minimalist impression is guaranteed to radiate in your bathroom.

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