10 Minimalist Kitchen Table Designs that are Easy to Copy at Home

To make your cooking event more fun, beautify the appearance of a minimalist kitchen table with a modern touch like the following inspiration is worth a try! Many do not realize that how to renovate the appearance of the kitchen is not as difficult as imagined. It’s enough to use the inspiration for the modern minimalist kitchen table design that we have prepared below! 

Minimalist Kitchen Table Design Inspiration 

1. Modern Americana Style 

source: vivadecora.com.br

The supply of black granite countertops with a glossy finish will conjure up your minimalist kitchen at home so it looks expensive. Combine it with a white and metallic kitchen set to complete the modern americana look .   

2. Simple Minimalist Kitchen 

source: revista.zapimoveis.com.br

If you’re saving money on home renovations, this minimalist kitchen table design inspiration deserves to be your main reference.  Because the model is simple and only requires wood decoration accents and white  ceramic tiles. The option of adding a wooden chair is also appropriate and looks harmonious with this simple minimalist kitchen theme. 

3. Plain Themed English Kitchen 

source: ewcastledesign.ie

Visiting Queen Elizabeth’s Country, don’t forget to bring gifts, not tea but a beautiful minimalist kitchen table idea. The English kitchen is a distinctive interior style that emphasizes a plain appearance and is free from non-essential knick-knacks. 

4. Minimalist Kitchen Table with Abundant Drawers 

source: abeautifulmess.com

Items scattered around the kitchen can be quite challenging, especially if you fall into the category of ‘hoarders’ of unique tableware that requires a lot of storage space. Now there are many choices of tables that are connected with drawers that are made to accommodate various needs in the kitchen more specifically. Starting from a special compartment for plates, cooking utensils, pans, to a space for the dishwasher . 

5. Minimalist Glossy Gray Kitchen Table Model

source: therecipeproject.com

Gray is often underestimated and is not much in demand for use in the kitchen area. In fact, if you know how to arrange it, a gray minimalist kitchen table and cupboard set with a glossy finish like the example above can actually create a futuristic metallic impression. 

6. High-End Minimalist Kitchen Table Design 

source: futuristarchitecture.com

Present a dining and cooking experience in the style of a five-star restaurant with this high-end minimalist kitchen table concept. The marble material that accentuates the veins with a spreading pattern looks very good with the push lock cabinets above and below it. 

7. Simple and Elegant Kitchen Table Model

source: offerup.com

The psychology of white color that is able to provide a calmer and cool  mood has always been a favorite choice for designing a minimalist kitchen. More stunning creations can be obtained by renovating the entire kitchen set and kitchen floor with one white thematic color. Matte finishes for furniture are also able to maintain color contrast and light reflections that are not excessive. 

8. Minimalist Concrete Kitchen Table

source: hometalk.com

The advantages of concrete that have a strong and solid structure can be used as a minimalist kitchen table material. This alternative building material can replace marble and granite which is much more expensive. Although the budget is cheaper, the quality and durability of concrete as a kitchen table material certainly does not need to be doubted. 

9. A Simple Kitchen Table Model a Combination of Wood and Cement

source: diywoodworking.selbermachendeko.com

In addition to concrete, you can also imitate a unique combination of building materials in the form of wood and cement for a minimalist kitchen table like the example picture. The appearance looks natural with an elegant and masculine industrial accent. 

10. Full Wood Kitchen Set 

source: ad-magazine.de

Although relatively rare, the idea of ​​using a wooden sink or dishwasher is not something new. Instead, you can get a minimalist kitchen that always feels fresh and makes cooking even more fun.

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