10 Minimalist TV Rooms that Make You Feel At Home

Owning a home of your own certainly gives you a freedom that you can’t get anywhere else. You can create the contents of the house more freely and change it so that it can provide maximum comfort for your whole family in it. One of the places you can change is the TV room at home. A minimalist TV room can provide an interesting atmosphere at home.

The TV room is a very good gathering place for you and your family. While watching TV, you can spend the weekend comfortably and enjoy time together. A comfortable TV room will certainly make your time with family more enjoyable.

1. Unique Monochrome Minimalist TV Room

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Minimalist design is one of the most widely used designs today. In addition to the minimalist design is not difficult to apply, you also do not need to spend more money in changing the appearance. One of the minimalist designs that you can use is the use of monochromatic colors.The game of monochrome colors will bring up a very unique contrast so that the room can look attractive and have a different design from other rooms in your home.

2. Create a Classic Atmosphere with a Modern Vintage Minimalist Room

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The TV room design that you can try next is a modern vintage design. In contrast to vintage designs in general, modern vintage designs still prioritize the current aesthetic and do not eliminate them altogether so that they can be combined with even a minimalist home.One of the virtues of using a modern vintage design is that you can create a nostalgic impression on your TV room and make anyone who is in it will be carried away into a pleasant old atmosphere.

3. Contemporary TV Room Creations

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If you are a person who dares to be creative and wants to create a simple and hassle-free imagination, then you can apply contemporary designs to the TV room at home. In contemporary design usually use a blend that is not commonly used. You can use muted colored furniture to strengthen the contemporary impression in the TV room.

4. Create Luxury with a Classic Minimalist Room

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One of the uniqueness of the minimalist classic design is the use of items that have their own historical value. If you are a collector of classic objects under the 70s, then you can apply this hobby to the TV room in your home to create a minimalist classic impression that is very unique and different.

Home Tips

To emphasize the classic impression, you can add various old paintings to the TV room at home.

5. A Spot On Rustic Minimalist Room

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The term rustic design actually has a very broad meaning. The rustic design itself describes a design that is natural, natural and even a little ‘rough’. However, this design has its own uniqueness and many people use it for various different designs in their homes. One way to realize a minimalist rustic design is to use furniture made from used drums that have been repainted to a table made of used tires and glass on the top.

6. A Simple and Simple Minimalist TV Room

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Of course there are most of you who prefer to use a simple and simple design language. A simple TV room doesn’t require a lot of stuff and can create a TV room that is clean and free of objects that fill the entire room.

7. Take Advantage of Colors with a Minimalist Art Deco TV Room

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A good TV room is one that has bright colors in it. To further emphasize the existing colors, you can take advantage of the colorful art deco design in the TV room. To start, you can replace the seat cushion protector by using bright colors like orange and yellow. Don’t forget to add various interesting decorative knick-knacks so that the impression of art can be more exposed in it.

8. Create a Minimalist TV Room that is All Green and Shady

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One of the best ways to create a shaded TV room is to take advantage of the green play in it. You can replace the paint in the TV room with a soft green color. Don’t forget to add ornamental plants in the TV room to make the room more shady and comfortable.

9. Minimalist TV Room with Calming White Color

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White is a simple color and can be used easily anywhere. You can apply white colors to the TV room to make the room look wider and brighter. White is very good for reflecting light, so you don’t need to use too many lights in the room.

10. Minimalist TV Room with Graphic Wallpaper

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For those of you who like to change the design of a room, you can use wallpaper as the main solution. You can apply Graphic Wallpaper in the TV room to create a unique and different design. Not only that, if you are bored, you can change the wallpaper easily.

Tips for Organizing a TV Room

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You should not underestimate the interior arrangement in your home. By doing a good arrangement, the room in the house will automatically look more comfortable and make anyone feel at home to be in it. Below are some tips for arranging the TV room in your home to make it more comfortable to use:

  • To create a comfortable atmosphere, take advantage of bright colors in the TV room at home. Bright colors can reflect light well so that the room does not look gloomy and dark.
  • Make the most of the size of the TV room and avoid overcrowding the space.
  • To create a good focal point , try to place your TV on a table or cabinet that is level or higher with your eyes when sitting.
  • You can place the TV room in a place that gets the most light or is near a window to increase the amount of light that enters the room.

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