10 Open Kitchen Design Creations That Make Cooking Fun

The design of an open kitchen is arguably quite important for a dwelling, especially for a house that carries a modern and minimalist concept. The reason is, the open kitchen will make you comfortable when cooking. Not to mention good air circulation and natural lighting from outside will make the cooking atmosphere more enjoyable. That’s why today’s kitchen with an open concept is widely applied to today’s homes with various designs. If you want to implement an open kitchen design in your dream home, here are 10 of the best open kitchen designs that you can inspire.

Elegant Semi Outdoor Kitchen

The first open kitchen design is a semi-outdoor kitchen. Although not a hundred percent open, with this design you can still feel the change of air passing through the roof that is intentionally left open. To make it look greener, you can also create a small garden by placing a few plants as decorations. The combination of white, black, brown and green colors will make the kitchen look fresh every day.

Open Kitchen and Dining Room

In addition to the semi-outdoor design, you can also design the kitchen as well as the dining room to be a truly open place. This design is certainly suitable for those of you who want to be closer to nature, especially those of you who like the cool breeze directly. You could say, this is a kitchen design with the best air circulation.

Kitchen with Green Open Garden

An open kitchen design complete with a garden beside it can be the best choice for those of you who want to make cooking activities more enjoyable. Brown wood-based furniture will make your kitchen more attractive! Its open location means that this kitchen doesn’t require a smoker, so it’s more economical, right?

Elegant Minimalist Open Kitchen

The open kitchen design above can be the best choice for those of you who have a narrow kitchen area. Not without reason, with the appropriate arrangement an area that was originally narrow will look spacious and neat. You can place the stairs above the small garden which is next to the kitchen. This open kitchen is ready to entertain guests or close relatives who come to your home.

Monochrome Semi-Open Minimalist Kitchen

It is never wrong to make monochrome the concept of a dwelling. Pay attention to the kitchen above, it doesn’t only match the white furniture, the semi-open minimalist kitchen with black furniture is no less interesting. You can make an open kitchen design located behind the house in a simple way complete with a classic touch on the floor.

Semi Open Kitchen with Small Tree

You can adjust a simple semi-open kitchen design according to your taste, from choosing the color of the room to the laying of a small tree beside it. This kitchen design is perfect for those of you who have a house with type 36 because it will make the room feel wider.

Semi Open Kitchen with Glass Roof

If you have a large enough land, there’s nothing wrong with designing a back kitchen with a glass roof complete with various kinds of plants in several spots. Not only enjoying a spacious room, you can also enjoy natural light from outside so that the kitchen can be used as a place to relax.

Semi-Open Kitchen and Living Room

If you don’t have your own room to serve as a kitchen, then uniting a family room with a full kitchen with a simple semi-open design can be your best solution. Don’t forget to add fresh flowers or plants so that air quality is maintained.

Semi Open Kitchen with Minimalist Furniture

If you only have a minimalist room that is suitable as a kitchen, then designing it with a semi-open concept is the perfect choice. Also make sure you choose the right chair and table design so that it doesn’t fill the room.

Open Kitchen with Best Natural View

Want to feel the sensation of eating under the sky? If you have a large backyard area with the best views, then making an outdoor kitchen design is the perfect choice. Not only cooking, you can also enjoy the beauty of nature with your family while eating the prepared dishes!

Those are some of the best open kitchen design creations that you can choose to design your dream outdoor and semi-outdoor kitchen. Tips before choosing a design, pay attention to the area of ​​​​the kitchen that you have first, thereby determining the design so that the furniture will be faster and more precise. Adding plants or a garden next to the kitchen can make cooking more enjoyable than it should be. So, which design is the most suitable for your home?

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