11 Cool Inspirations for Living Room Decorative Lights at Home

Tired of the monotonous appearance of the living room? Want to change the style of your living room without spending a lot of money or a major renovation? Simply by inserting decorative lights in the living room, your living room can look brighter and more stylish without having to spend a lot of money.

The application of decorative lighting in the living room has many benefits. Apart from being a decoration that attracts attention, the room can also get more adequate lighting. In this article you will also see a lot of how every inspiration gives a truly charming and warm living room style, all thanks to the careful arrangement of the living room decorative lights.

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3 Maximum Accents With Hanging Living Room Decorative Lights

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Every living room generally requires 3 types of lighting from living room decorative lights:

  • Ambient: lamp for total illumination or incandescence
  • Task: spotlights for certain important areas
  • Accent: highlight light for certain specific objects

If you already know the function and role of each of the existing living room decorative lights, you just have to adjust it according to their respective portions. Depending on the arrangement or choice of the chosen living room decorative lights, try to refer to these 3 main principles and you will get a beautiful and bright living room to the maximum.

Festive Living Room Decorative Lights

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With different types of lighting from living room decorative lights, you can experiment with the placement points in order to create a living room with the right living room decorative lights . Seen from this inspiration is a chandelier that steals attention, but if you look closely, you will find 3 table lamps, a floor lamp, 5 lamp pots and an accent lamp behind the ceiling. All of these living room decorative lights look the same and not heavy, even more stylish, right? .

2-in-1 Tamu Living Room Decorative Lights

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When it comes to dealing with living room decorative lights specifically for ambient type lighting, the best tip is to use 2 different types of living room decorative lights. This elegant inspiration combines lights on the ceiling for the main lighting, but is also supported by living room decorative lights. in the form of a beautiful chandelier right in the middle of the sitting room.

Multi-Function Of Beautiful Living Room Decorative Lights

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A large living room will usually also require a lot of living room decorative lights as well. In some cases, standard lamps can be a good solution, but if you want to get a more beautiful glow in the room, consider using chandeliers neatly around the room. Choose a living room decorative lamp with a simple and firm silhouette. The addition of this frame or frame also makes the room more neatly structured.

Living Room Decorative Lights From Behind The Ceiling

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Playing decorative lights in the living room from behind the ceiling is also a brilliant idea that should not be missed. Not only will you get a unique soft glow, but the architectural details of the interior of a living room will appear more stylish.

Incandescent lights from the ceiling do not sting, but they can always give the interior a feel that feels exclusive. Especially when combined with a carpet with a textured surface, like the inspiration above. The appearance of this living room looks more unique.

Beautiful Arch Of Unique Living Room Decorative Lights

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Don’t like playing with living room decorative lighting accents from behind a peek at the ceiling? You can still create a beautiful central lighting atmosphere with this curved-style living room decorative lamp. Living room decorative lights with this curved style are usually high enough and safe to use. Living room decorative lights that use this bulb also usually have a modern style so they are most suitable for contemporary-style living rooms.

Practical and Flexible Living Room Decorative Lights

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Create a living room style with unique living room decorative lights. An example of this inspiration uses two wall lamps that are pinned at the right height above the sofa bed. This living room decorative lamp is also equipped with a handle that is flexible enough so that it can be shifted and adjusted according to need. With these modern elements, the living room decorative lights are guaranteed to be very functional and decorative at the same time.

Lighting Accents from Planting Living Room Decorative Lamps

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Incorporating decorative lights in the living room can also be done by planting alias built-in. The incandescence of the living room decorative lights from behind the living room shelves will provide special lighting for decorative objects and accessories in a living room, especially on display shelves that are indeed placed to steal the attention of visitors or house guests.

The inspiration for living room decorative lights like this will attract visitors’ attention to the beautiful glowing shelves. As a result, the space looks more lively and charming.

Slick Visual Balance

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Create a visual balance by arranging the living room decorative lights symmetrically. In this living room inspiration, the main sofa is carefully flanked by a pair of simple and sweet decorative lights. Thus, this additional lighting can function optimally on both sides of the sofa.

So, every guest who sits on each part of the sofa will be able to get a portion of the lighting according to their individual needs. Brilliant isn’t it?

Mix & Match Living Room Decorative Lighting Styles

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Living room with different decorative lighting styles? It is allowed. There is no rule that requires the living room to appear uniform. Even experiments with different styles of living room decorative lights can be a cool idea that you didn’t expect before.

In this inspiration, there are chandeliers in ancient and modern styles at the same time. Not to forget, there is also a table lamp with a very unique leg model that manages to create a mix of characters that is quite prominent. With different styles and eras, the result is a living room that is warm, stylish, and definitely chic.

Main Decorative Lights That Attract Attention

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Living rooms with high ceilings can be quite difficult to decorate and match with the right decorative lights. So that the living room can look optimal, consider including a living room decorative lamp that stands out and attracts attention.

Its position must also be considered properly proportionally so that it becomes part of the living room that blends with the whole room. The inspiration for such a case can best be seen in the example above, where this sputnik-style lamp provides separate light in different directions but still brings together the room well.

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