11 Most Interested Minimalist Small Bathroom Designs

Are you looking for minimalist bathroom design inspiration; whether you want to make a new one or are renovating? We have summarized the design of a small minimalist bathroom. Regardless of the size of the bathroom, now this area is no longer a service room that is used to clean the body, but becomes a private place that can provide peace.

The most important thing in making a bathroom is the lighting. It would be very good to position the bathroom facing the direction of the West or East sun, so that germs can die thanks to the natural glow.

Here are 11 minimalist bathroom designs based on the materials used and accent touches that make the bathroom feel different. 

1. Cabinets that follow the shape of the room

Get around the storage in the bathroom by building a built-in cabinet on one side of the bathroom. Cabinets are divided into two types of storage, namely open shelves for items that are often used so that they are easier to reach. Then, cupboards with glass doors to store other bathroom necessities.

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2. Presents refreshing ornamental plants

Adding ornamental plants in the bathroom can help keep the air moist and eliminate unpleasant odors. Many variants of plants are suitable for the bathroom, such as aloe vera, peace lily, betel ivory, these plants are not only pleasing to the eye but can provide benefits for refreshing the room.

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3. Hanging sink with garden view

The sink in the bathroom seems to float thanks to using a pedestal on the wall with a stretch of about 2.8 meters. Even though it is dominated by a minimalist concept, the bathroom is still given a beautiful impression thanks to the series of ferns in the fernery (a garden in the room containing ferns) which can be freely seen from the inside.

source: thelocalproject.com.au

4. Wooden accents in the middle of the white bathroom

The application of wood panels in the bathroom is able to present a warm atmosphere for relaxing comfort. In addition to adding aesthetic value, wood panels can help in installing mirrors because they can bond better than ceramic tiles.

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5. Small bathroom that looks spacious

For a small bathroom, you can work around this by using a large mirror. Mirrors can give the illusion or effect of a wider space. Combine with light colored bathroom walls and cabinets to strengthen the impression of spaciousness.

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6. The bathroom is elongated

Have a bathroom in the form of a hallway with a long vent at the end of the room? Get around with a good design so that a small bathroom looks luxurious and spacious. Use marble-patterned granite in the shower area. So that the bathroom doesn’t feel cramped, choose a showerbox frame made of aluminum or iron that is thin but sturdy.

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7. Dramatic natural lighting

To give a dramatic impression and a bright atmosphere in the bathroom, provide a grid on the ceiling to provide natural lighting. Use materials similar to mirrors and towel ladders to make the bathroom look more harmonious.

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8. LED lights for more energy efficient

Embed the hidden lamp using an LED strip under the kitchen cabinet. Warm light (yellow) gives a warm and dramatic impression in the bathroom. Align with fully mirrored cabinet doors. Designs like this can make the bathroom hallway look spacious. For the shower area, use light gray or white hexagon tiles for a minimalist and elegant room.

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9. Small bathrooms can also have a bathtub

A small bathroom can be managed by using a customized compact unibath and a light wall color palette. Natural lighting also makes a big contribution to expanding the room

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10. Suitable for tall houses

Give natural lighting and a beautiful feel to the powder room by designing a transparent ceiling. The white wall color widens the impression of a narrow room into an airy one.

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11. Sliding door to save area

Privacy is one of the considerations in designing a bathroom at home. Sliding door made of frosted glass with a wooden frame can be used as a privacy barrier and separates wet and dry areas in the bathroom.

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