11 Types Of Window Curtains That Can Be Adjusted To The Room

Curtains not only function as a barrier to sunlight. However, also as one of the decorative elements in the room. Choosing it is not difficult, the important thing is that you know the various types of curtains on the market.

There are many types of curtains sold in the market. Unfortunately, not all of them are suitable for use in all rooms in the dwelling. Therefore, you must choose carefully so that the curtains and the room can be in harmony.

This makes the house look more beautiful.

Window Curtain Type

1. Type of Curtain Blinds

Blinds type curtains are generally made of canvas, calico, and so on. Maybe you are more familiar with calling it a curtain, because of the nature of these curtains that close the window from top to bottom.

There are several types of curtains, namely curtains with roller blinds that can be rolled up using a rope on the edge of the window. Then there are roman blinds which when pulled will form beautiful folds. In addition there are also vertical and horizontal blinds , where the window will open by leveling the slats either vertically or horizontally.

This type of curtains often appears to be used in a room in an office building but is also  beautiful  for use in minimalist homes.

2. Cascades Type

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Cascades type curtains are curtains that hang on both sides of the window. There are two variations of cascade curtains , some are the same length or only one side. Then at the top of the wavy shape and form a semicircle. So that it looks elegant and charming, suitable for use in the reading room or bedroom.

3. Type of Draperies Curtains

Draperies are one of the most decorative window curtains. The motifs and colors are beautiful, so the room will look more attractive if you use these curtains. Currently, apart from having beautiful motifs and colors,  draperies  also appear simpler with a wavy surface and hang the same length.

But the material is quite heavy because it contains acrylic in the folds. This acrylic keeps a room warmer when it’s cold, muffles sound, and blocks light from entering.

4. Eyelet Type

In the eyelet curtain type , there are iron rings at the top as a place to hang on the window rod. The existence of the ring can make it easier when sliding the curtains. The material used is usually made of lightweight fabric. The appearance is quite simple but modern, so it is suitable for minimalist residences.

5. Sheer Curtain Type

If you want privacy, but sunlight or street lights can still enter through the window, then this type of curtain can be a solution. Sheer curtains can be said to be just a coating, because the material is thinner than other types. In general, the color choice is only plain white, or using certain motifs from voile material. Its use is suitable for all rooms, and can limit the view from the outside in well even though it is thin.

6. Rod Pocket Type

Rod pocket  is the simplest type of window curtain. These curtains are made of lightweight fabric, and are usually not opened and closed often. Because its function is more as a room divider and decorative element at home.

At the top of the curtains, there is a hem-lined hallway that serves to hang on the slender window rod. We recommend that you apply these curtains only in rooms that are rarely used.

7. Types of Valances

The shape of the valances curtains looks wavy beautifully so that it enhances the aesthetics of the room. These curtains are used at the top of the window only, and serve to cover the window rods that are less beautiful when seen. Usually valances curtains are combined with cascades, so you have to be good at adjusting the color.

8. Pleat Type

Pleat type curtains consist of  box pleated, tailored pleat,  goblet pleat,  and  pinch pleated. The difference between the four lies in the shape of the top of the window curtains. Box pleated  has box-shaped pleats.

Then the tailored pleat  at the top end has stitches every three folds so that it is conical. While the goblet pleat , binds three folds and is shaped in such a way that it resembles the shape of a cup. Finally, pinch pleated consists of three, four to five folds with a shape that remains balanced.

It’s just that, the more folds, the more fabric is needed to make curtains.

9. Tab Top Type

A tab top  is a type of window curtain similar to an  eyelet. The difference is,  the tab top  replaces the iron rings into cloth that serves to attach the window curtain to the rod. The fabric used as the hook material comes from the same fabric as the curtains.

So you can use any fabric as a material to make it. These curtains hang flat and form folds, making them more suitable for rooms with a relaxed impression.

10. Tiers Type

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Previously, there were valances curtains that served to cover the top of the window. Now there is also a type of curtain tiers whose function is to cover the bottom of the window. Usually these curtains cover up to the lower third of the window. Usually these curtains are used for kitchens and bathrooms, so that sunlight can enter but privacy is maintained.

11. Scarves type

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Scarves type curtains are the easiest to install and create at home. Scarves  do not have a place to hang like a ring or cloth. The shape is just a long cloth wrapped around the window rod as a decoration. It can be concluded, that these curtains are just a decorative element to give a charming accent above the window curtains.

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