12 Bedroom Decorative Lighting Ideas That Make It Easy To Sleep

The bedroom is the main room that must be in the house. Not only that, the bedroom must be made as comfortable as possible. Not only the mattress that must be made comfortable, the selection of bedroom decorative lights is also important to note. When in the bedroom, of course you want to have good room lighting. Therefore, choose the right bedroom decorative lights.

There are various types of lamps , for bedroom decorative lights are divided into two, namely main lights and supporting lights. The main light is used when you are in the room. While the supporting lamp is used as a night light that has more limited lighting. Lights are not only decorations in the room, but can create good quality sleep and allow you to sleep soundly.

1. Bedroom Decorative Lights: LED Lights

LED strip lights can be a unique room decoration (photo: Lepro)

There are various LED lights that can be decorative lights in your bedroom. One of them is the LED Strip light. Reporting from Lepro , according to a survey the reason most people want to decorate a room with LED lights is because it can create serenity, warmth, and a romantic atmosphere . In addition, the bedroom decorative lights chosen must have soft light so that they can make you sleep more soundly.

There are many color options that you can choose according to taste. Some lights can also be changed colors. The installation method is quite easy, you just stick the LED light to the top, elbow, or bottom of the room wall. This lamp is widely used for contemporary home interiors, want to try it?

2. Bedroom Decorative Lights: Yellow Bulb

The yellow (golden) light bulb gives an elegant and classic touch (photo: Apartment Therapy)

The light bulb does seem traditional. But. there is a great selection of good light bulbs. As technology advances, LED bulbs are also made with lower energy and more efficient. So that the use of light bulbs can be the right choice for your bedroom decorative lights that are economical.

Select the color temperature of the ” soft white ” lamp in the range of 2700 to 3000 kelvin. This color temperature is suitable to be installed in your bedroom and provides a warm atmosphere, not blinding the eyes, and disturbing sleep.

3. Bedroom Decorative Lights: Neon Lights

Neon lights come in many colors and shapes (photo: Elle Decor)

As reported by Wikipedia, fluorescent lamps consist of small glass capsules that contain a mixture of neon and other gases at low pressure and use two electrodes. Fluorescent lamps are generally used as indicators in electronic equipment and supplies. The advantages of this lamp are low power consumption, longer lamp life and very easy to use.

This lamp is very safe to use and does not dazzle your eyes. Suitable for bedroom decorative lights that require soft and comfortable lighting. You can also be free to create with various shapes, models, and colors that vary.

4. Bedroom Decorative Lights: Paste Abstract

Abstract models and motifs can be an interesting and different bedroom interior choice (photo: Elle Decor)

Want your bedroom to look different from the others? Try to choose an abstract outboard bedroom decorative lamp. With a unique model and different color patterns will make the bedroom has its own characteristics. To have this lamp, you can order it specifically or make it yourself. The abstract concept itself can provide flexibility for you to continue to develop creative ideas in your bedroom.

5. Bedroom Decorative Lights: Asymmetric

In addition to asymmetrical decorative lights, there are also symmetrical decorative lights that have an ideal shape and size (photo: Apartment Therapy)

Asymmetrical lamps have an imprecise shape that creates an artistic model. Launching from Brandon Lighting , the spread of asymmetrical lights is limited or uneven so that the lighting is only focused in one area. Asymmetrical lamps are perfect for bedroom decorative lights and are efficient. In addition, it will not make the eyes hurt and glare due to direct exposure to these lights.

6. Bedroom Decorative Lights: Pop color

Play with bright colors in your bedroom decorative lights (photo: Amanda Louise Interiors)

Want to make the atmosphere feel alive and fun? There is nothing wrong with trying light colored bedroom decorative lights. You can play with the color of the lampshade or lampshade. For the lights still use ‘soft white’ yes.

7. Bedroom Decorative Lights: Aesthetic

Make the bedroom more aesthetic with the right decorative lights (photo: Elle Decor)

The aesthetic concept is currently very popular in use. Aesthetic philosophy itself comes from nature and an appreciation of art, beauty, and good taste. The most dominant aesthetic colors are soft and neutral colors such as white, cream, light brown, dark brown and others.

Tips: Try to come up with simple bedroom decorative lights. Choose a unique lamp design with neutral colors.

8. Bedroom Decorative Lights: Classic Old Time

Not only always modern, bedrooms can also be made classic by adding old lantern-style bedroom lamps. (photo: DIY n Crafts)

Classic lamps can be used as decorative lights for your bedroom to make it seem old-school (old school) and classic. Like the petromak oil lamp model, eits, but this lamp is not really an oil lamp. Because this is only the model, but the use of lights is still a bulb. The use of this classic lamp attached to the wall by hanging. Also choose dark colors to give a vintage effect . Interested in trying it?

9. Bedroom Decorative Lights: Black and Gold Combination

To make the bedroom look elegant and luxurious, use old wall paint (photo: Elle Decor)

The combination of black and gold is very classic, but it is closely related to luxury and elegance. If you want to conjure up your bedroom to make it look elegant and luxurious, try choosing a lamp that has a combination of black and gold. The handle is gold and the lampshade is black, or vice versa.

10. Bedroom Decorative Lights: Wood and Metal

Using decorative lights with wood and metal materials gives an artistic impression (photo: Pexels – Buenosia)

Want to give a rustic or industrial impression in your bedroom? Try to use decorative lights a combination of wood and metal materials. These two materials can give the interior of the room an artistic and attractive look. In addition, it can give the impression of natural and comfortable lights so that you sleep more soundly.

11. Bedroom Decorative Lights: Minimalist

Has a simple model and neutral colors. (photo credit: Pexels – Dmitry)

Surely you are familiar with the concept of minimalism. Minimalism is a simple and simple concept that can be applied to all aspects. If you want to make a simple simple bedroom, try using simple bedroom decorative lights and use neutral colors. Cut back on the many colorful motifs and focus on the simplicity of the design.

Tips: Minimalist color is dominated by white.

12. Bedroom Decorative Lights: Glass Ball

There are two types of glass balls to choose from, namely transparent and non-transparent (photo: Burst)

The glass ball model in addition to being a decoration can also be a decorative light for your bedroom. This model is often used for Nordic style bedrooms . This lamp will create a calm, warm, and comfortable atmosphere. You can choose to use transparent glass or not. If as a night light, look for a lamp with a non-transparent glass bulb. If for the main bedroom lighting, you can use a transparent glass ball.

Considerations Before Using Bedroom Decorative Lights

Do a lamp survey before buying it (photo: Pexels – Vecislavas)

Lamps are the main source of lighting in the room. For the bedroom , of course you have to consider the right lighting when you are inside or when you sleep. You can’t even choose it. The first step, adjust the size of the lamp to the size of your bedroom. 

Then adjust the lights with the theme of your room to match, also choose lights that are not too bright and save energy.The use of bedroom decorative lights whose consideration is not just aesthetic value but also must be able to make it easy to fall asleep.

In addition to providing bedroom decorations to make it more attractive and artistic, the use of a night light should be able to give you comfort while sleeping or doing activities in the room. Use energy-efficient and low-energy lamps.

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