12 Modern Minimalist Luxury Bedroom Inspiration for Your Home

To have a modern minimalist luxury bedroom you don’t have to wait to have a luxury home. Because with the furniture, arrangement, and nuances of the room, you can have a luxury room that is becoming a trend at the moment!

For those of you who are looking for modern luxury bedroom inspiration with a minimalist concept, then these 12 modern minimalist luxury bedroom inspirations can be applied in your home.

1. Monochrome Modern Minimalist Luxury Bedroom

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For those of you who like everything simple and elegant, monochrome room design can be an option. The black, gray and white colors that are characteristic of monochrome never fail to present a simple and elegant effect.Although it looks masculine, this monochrome room design is not aimed only at a certain gender. Even the concept of a monochrome room is also suitable for the millennial bride and groom’s room. You can add elegant furniture such as lamps and wall decorations, so that you can bring a glamorous effect to your bedroom.To enjoy a modern minimalist luxury bedroom you don’t have to stay in an expensive hotel, let alone wait to have your own luxury home. With creativity and the right fit, you can also have a modern minimalist luxury bedroom in your home! Want to have a modern minimalist house? 

2. Scandinavian Modern Minimalist Luxury Bedroom

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The Scandinavian concept is now widely applied because it is simple, but still looks modern. Rooms with this concept use a lot of organic materials, calm colors, and elegantly arranged furniture. Scandinavian bedrooms are ideal for relaxing weekend mornings and getting a good night’s sleepAlthough there are no absolute design rules for creating a Scandinavian look, some elements found in Scandinavian bedrooms can make the room more peaceful.

3. Feminine Minimalist Modern Luxury Bedroom

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The use of color in the bedroom can give certain nuances. The color pink for example, with the right application and the right combination or combination, will show the atmosphere and nuances of the space that looks very beautiful and feminine.One of the easiest and most inexpensive ways that you can apply to get a pink room is to paint the walls. Use light pink paint for the entire wall or use one side only with an older color option.After using pink walls, it should be noted to avoid using pink furniture and furniture as well. Excessive use of pink will make the room too sweet and uncomfortable to look at.

4. Tropical Minimalist Modern Luxury Bedroom

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The tropical theme is very appropriate if applied in the bedroom. When entering it, the relaxing nuance can be immediately felt, making relaxation more maximal and relaxing. Of course this is due to the presence of greenery as an accent.Maximize the view if the bedroom is directly adjacent to the garden. Pair of large transparent windows. Choose a minimalist wooden bed frame and add green nuanced decoration.Tropical nuances can also ‘collaborate’ with modern arrangements. Add an element of nature by placing some plants in the room. Choose soft colors with tropical nuances as wall paint and decoration.

5. Hotel-style Modern Minimalist Luxury Bedroom

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Minimalist hotel room design is now starting to be loved by the community, especially millennial couples. In addition to the budget being more affordable, the trend of minimalist housing also permeates the hotel room model. The interior style that tends to have minimal furniture and maximize the function of the space is the main factor of minimalist design.The hotel bedroom design is made spacious, without a lot of detailed decoration. Each room is designed to the maximum and of course prioritizes function. This will make the room look more spacious and comfortable.

6. Modern Minimalist Industrial Luxury Bedroom

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The effect caused by the industrial-style room is strengthened by the presence of unfinished room materials. Exposed brick walls, iron materials, open piping, and open ceiling construction are some of the characteristics of an industrial space. In addition, the materials that are widely used are concrete, steel, wood, and metal.Although the industrial-style interior design is cold and ” unfinished “, it does not in any way reduce the comfort created in the room. The play of colors and the right selection of furniture can create comfort itself.

7. Bohemian Minimalist Modern Luxury Bedroom

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One of the bedroom design inspirations that is contemporary and quite aesthetically pleasing is the Bohemian or Boho design. Bohemian includes unusual decorations, full of colors, patterns, and more unique textures.There is a popular saying for bohemian style that “more is more”, because more texture is better. You can use neutral colored wall paint such as white and gray and add texture and natural elements such as fresh flowers and wooden ornaments.Add some bohemian decor in the form of macrame wall hangings, wicker baskets, and Persian rugs. For patterns, choose geometric patterns and lines on bed sheets, chair pillow covers and carpets.

8. Children’s Modern Minimalist Luxury Bedroom

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Designing a child’s bedroom requires a lot of consideration and must have the right solution to complement all their needs. In addition to paying attention to the concept, comfort is also the main thing that you should pay attention to.You can design your child’s bedroom with 2 different themes, but make sure that the overall look is harmonious and comfortable.Create a common area in the middle of the room to play and be creative which can teach children to learn to respect each other and compromise. They can also learn to be more disciplined by putting everything back in its place.

9. White Minimalist Modern Luxury Bedroom

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Still confused in choosing the color of a modern minimalist room? White is the best color choice for a modern minimalist luxury room.White as the main color gives a clean, airy, and elegant effect. In order to look more beautiful, give a touch of bright colors to pillows or other elements, as seen in this modern minimalist room.

10. Pastel Modern Minimalist Luxury Bedroom

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A bedroom with a touch of pastel colors can give a sweet, beautiful, and comfortable effect in the room. With the arrangement of furniture and accessories, the pastel concept presented can also give a modern luxury effect.Pastel colors also look bright and soft. Because of this nature, sometimes pastel colors are synonymous with adorable girly effects and cannot be rejected by women. pastel colors also give a cool effect because when exposed to light, the color glow is not too strong.

11. Green Minimalist Modern Luxury Bedroom

One of the colors that has recently been used in the bedroom is the color green. Both light green and dark green, this entire color palette is very suitable for use in the bedroom because it gives a calming effect.The color green tends to give a natural and comfortable effect to the room, although sometimes it looks contrasting if combined with other colors.The choice of green color is not only based on aesthetics, but also related to psychological factors and the meaning of the color. Psychologically, the color green is interpreted as an element of nature that is able to provide a relaxing feel and facilitate the soothing principle of relaxation.

12. Blue Minimalist Modern Luxury Bedroom

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The blue aesthetic room is one of the room color designs that has the most fans. In addition to being the favorite color of many people, the color blue also gives a comfortable and calm effect in bed. The combination of blue with some room decorations will make your bed design more minimalist and modern.

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