12 Studio Apartment Interior Designs

Studio type apartments are one of the most popular vertical residences. Studio apartments are sold at relatively more affordable prices and are one of the solutions to have a home without having to spend a large budget . The compact interior of a studio apartment is perfect for those of you who don’t want to bother taking care of a large room.

In general, studio apartments have an area of ​​about 18 to 20 square meters. This type of apartment only has one large room that functions as a living room, dining room, kitchenette, and sleeping area.

Studio type apartments are generally favored by young couples who have just married and want to have a residence at an affordable price. Not only that, studio apartments are also often a very profitable investment.

One of the advantages of owning and living in a studio apartment is that it is easier to decorate. The small size of the room makes the studio apartment not need more decoration. Well, if you are interested in designing the interior of a studio apartment, check out the complete design inspiration below!

1. Interior Design with Split Level

source: Anatoli Apts

One way to outsmart the limited size of a studio apartment is to design an interior with a split level. 

Split-level interior design is a multi-storey residential concept in which there is a room or place connected by a short staircase.

The split-level design concept is perfect for studio apartments, especially for those of you who need an additional room, such as a bedroom or space to store various items.Studio apartments need to be designed optimally so that they don’t feel full and crowded.

2. Glass Partition Apartment

source: House Diaries

One way to separate rooms in a studio apartment is to use glass partitions. Room partitions made of glass will give an elegant impression. The size of the thin partition is also very suitable for small rooms and will not make the room look crowded.

Home Tips

Choose a glass partition with a thin frame to make it look minimalist and modern.

3. Industrial Design for Studio Apartments

source: Gites

The interior design for the next studio apartment that you can try is industrial design. To realize an industrial design, you can apply wallpaper with an exposed brick wall design. To make the apartment space look more attractive, you can use LED lights with classic filament models to create a thicker and more beautiful industrial theme.Studio apartments are one of the affordable residential solutions and are perfect for those of you who want to buy a house without having to spend a large budget . In addition to the affordable price, living in an apartment can be the best way to facilitate your mobility at work.

4. Minimalist Design Studio Apartment

source: home-designing.com

The minimalist design is very appropriate to be applied to a small studio apartment space. To realize a minimalist interior design, you can use compact-sized furniture and have colors such as white, gray, and beige. Sofa with a modern model will give a beautiful touch to the room. A clothes rack that is integrated with the mattress will give a harmonious seamless impression to the room.

5. Loft Bed for Studio Apartments

source: Contemporary

One way to maximize the interior of a studio apartment is to use a loft bed. Quoting from the maxtrix site, a loft bed is a bed that is made high so that the floor area below it can be used for other purposes. Loft beds can be made using wood and stainless steel materials to give a minimalist rustic impression to the room. For practicality, you can use a multifunctional ladder model cupboard to make it easier to access the loft bed.

6. Monochromatic Color Chic Design Studio Apartment

source: pinterest.com

Another studio apartment interior design model that you can try is a chic design with monochromatic colors. Launching from Homeguides SFGATE, in the world of design, chic interior design has an elegant, fashionable, and trendy appearance. Chic designs can also look unique and design patterns that look modern. The use of modern and chic designed furniture will be a beautiful blend in the studio apartment space. To bring out a more bold chic feel , take advantage of color combinations such as elegant black, white, and gray.

7. Wooden Accents for Studio Apartments

source: interiorzine.com

The next interior design is that you can apply wood accents for studio apartments. Wood accents will give the interior a natural look and make the atmosphere in the apartment more luxurious. Start by using a brightly colored wood design wallpaper so the room doesn’t look gloomy. Don’t forget to use matching wooden cabinets and tables to strengthen the natural atmosphere in the room.

8. Japanese Studio Apartment Interior Design

source: agoda.com

Want a studio apartment to look different? You can apply Japanese-style interior design to the apartment room. To realize a Japanese-style design, start by using a futon mattress placed on a raised platform. The choice of a wooden dining table can give an interesting Japanese touch to the room. Separate the dressing room by using a multifunctional partition wall that can be used to store Japanese paintings, ornamental plants, and various other types of decoration.

9. Scandinavian Design for Studio Apartments

source: The Nordroom

The hallmark of Scandinavian interior design can be seen from the lines that are clean, simple, minimalist, and functional without sacrificing the beauty of the room. Launching the Gessato website , you can realize the Nordic look by using materials made of wood, linen, glass, iron, and leather.You can use a small and brightly colored end table and a modern dark brown sofa to bring out a distinctive Nordic element. Apply gray wall paint to give a minimalist look to the Scandinavian interior design.

10. Eclectic Studio Apartment

source: hgtv.com

If you like freedom, then an eclectic style interior design is perfect for you. One of the characteristics of an eclectic design can be seen from the combination of bright colors combined with neutral white to ensure that all the elements in it can look armonious.Start by choosing furniture such as brightly colored bookshelves, wooden tables, and small dark wooden chairs. The use of amber red wood parquet will give a statement to the room. Apply white wall paint to harmonize all the colors in the apartment room.

11. Natural Themed Studio Apartment Interior Design

source: home-designing.com

The interior design of a studio apartment can be designed to have a natural theme. One way to realize the natural theme is to apply a wall with wood wallpaper and wood parquet. To create a stronger natural impression, also add furniture made of wood. Choose the best and popular houseplants to make your apartment look more lively and colorful.

12. Feminine Studio Apartment

source: interiorzine.com

You can create a feminine style studio apartment interior design by using purple colors. Purple will give a strong feminine atmosphere and can make a studio apartment look elegant.For starters, use purple curtains. The purple curtains will be an interesting contrast when combined with white walls. To give a point of view, you can add a purple carpet combined with a single bright gray lounger sofa .

Well, those are 12 interesting studio apartment interior designs that you can apply to apartments. Hopefully this article can be the best reference, especially for those of you who want to change the interior design of a studio apartment.

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