5 Minimalist Bathroom Inspirations Can Be Your Reference

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house. There are so many bathroom designs that you can choose from. In addition to being clean, a minimalist design can create a simple comfortable atmosphere.

For those of you who like minimalist designs, your bathroom will not feel cold and boring. The most ideal choice if you don’t like busy designs full of colors and patterns.

Minimalist Bathroom Design Inspiration

Here’s a minimalist bathroom design inspiration that you can use as a reference. Perfect for those of you who want to change the decor.

1. Choose white color

source: home-designing.com

A room with white color really gives the best minimalist look. You can only give one touch of white. The bathroom decoration will still look good.

If you like mixing it with other colors, try adding some dark accents and soft transitions. For example, a combination of pale gray, matte black, and neutral wood. Use it consistently and not randomly!

2. Decorate with plants for a minimalist bathroom design

source: pinterest.com

Indeed, in a minimalist design, you should avoid unnecessary decorations. However, that doesn’t mean your bathroom doesn’t have any decorations. The room just feels empty and boring.

The solution, maybe you can put plants, such as ivory betel, aloe vera, peace lily that help keep the air moist.

These plants will make the bathroom look fresh and elegant. Of course it eliminates unpleasant odors in the room.

3. Make enough storage space

source: bhg.com

Perhaps the lack of storage space in a small bathroom, can spoil the minimalist style. No need to worry, there are various ways to have a lot of storage that still makes your bathroom look minimalist.

You can consider making a niche wall shelf for easy storage in the bathroom. Given the appearance of a minimalist design to keep everything in the room organized and not messy.

Put only the important things, you know, so the bathroom doesn’t look messy. Each storage area has the functionality you really need.

4. Give a pastel feel to a minimalist bathroom design

source: pinterest.com

In addition to white or a consistent color combination, you can choose pastel shades for a minimalist bathroom design. Most importantly, match the furniture with pastel earth tones . Don’t let the furniture you choose have a color that doesn’t match.

You also need to pay attention to decorative decorations, so that the appearance of a minimalist room still has a soft pastel nuance. Especially if pastel is your favorite color, it can really make a minimalist look.

5. Keep the design simple

source: pinterest.com

Remember, minimalist design inspiration makes the bathroom look simple and simple. If you are interested in decorating it in this design style, make sure that the design chosen is not excessive.

Don’t let other parts stand out too much. To keep it minimalist, you can combine it with decorative decorations, furniture, or play with colors. Minimalist bathroom designs don’t need glamorous decorations.

Well, those are some minimalist bathroom inspirations that you can apply at home. Good luck!

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