5 Minimalist Home Fence Designs Made Of The Best Wood And Iron Materials

Confused looking for inspiration for a simple minimalist home fence model? Come on, look here for an example!

There are many kinds of fence designs, but each residence has a distinctive shape according to the concept it carries. Well, talking about minimalist housing, of course the fence used has a simple design in both color and shape.

You can see several choices of fence designs for minimalist dwellings below as a reference. Come on !

Minimalist Fence Design Ideas

1. Modern Minimalist Fence of Wood

source: el-dol.com

Fences made of wood have been used by all people for a long time. Not only simple, a natural impression can also be obtained from the use of this material.

Although considered traditional, wooden fences can also look modern and adapted to the minimalist concept. You can see it in the fence design above.

A simple shape and selection of the right color appearance can strengthen the minimalist impression of the house.

2. Two Gate Minimalist Wooden Fence

source: eastsidehome.com

The model of the fence in the form of a gate that can be opened and closed is very modern.

The wood material used, the color chosen, and the simple design are perfect for a minimalist-style home. This is reflected in the presence of vertical perforated accents in several places as well as the frame material used, namely iron.

Not only the main gate fence, there is also a fence in the form of a door that can be opened and closed as an entry point for residents who walk

3. Gabion Fence

source: decor-zoom.com

Combining wood material with wire filled with natural stone like the model of the house fence above is becoming a trend that is adapted to minimalist homes. This stone-filled wire fence is often referred to as a gabion .

In addition to maximum protection due to its solid structure, a minimalist house looks very stylish with the presence of this minimalist fence.

4. Bar Model Fence

source: pinterest.com

In addition to wood, iron is also a material that is often used for house fences, including minimalist homes. In terms of quality, iron fences are indeed more durable and also more sturdy when compared to wooden fences.

In addition, the potential for thieves to break into is smaller. For a minimalist house, the fence model that is very often used is in the form of bars or vertical lines. The design is minimalist, but can ensure the safety of the house properly because it is usually formed with a fairly towering height.

5. Tall Black Iron Fence

Making iron material as an accent on a wall-type fence can also be done for a minimalist home. To make it look harmonious and fit, adjust the color and design of the iron fence with the fence of the wall.

Even though it functions as home protection, a  simple house fence model can spoil the eyes of the homeowner.


Because the boundaries between the private area (house) and the public area (streets around the house) seem to still be united. So, the owner can still see the scenery around the house area while relaxing on the terrace.

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