5 Modern Master Bedroom Design Ideas

From a minimalist setting to a traditional space, some master bedroom designs have the power to turn your bedroom into a place where you can relax and unwind. While there’s no denying that a good design can have a positive impact on your mood, renovating or redecorating a master bedroom from top to bottom can be a bit more pricey. Make room decorations that reflect yourself, that’s one of the simplest ways to have a comfortable room and always give you a good mood.

For some much-needed inspiration, let’s take a look at our list of master bedroom design ideas for creating the perfect resting room. Either by combining furniture, materials, colors, or the function of each piece of furniture.

1. Choose a Bright Color

When you walk into your master bedroom at night or wake up in the morning, think about the kind of interior you want to welcome and see. Even though you like sleeping in a dark or serene atmosphere, that doesn’t mean you want a gloomy bedroom painted in dull colors, right? So, the easiest update to make your space feel new again is to change the colors throughout the room. While a neutral color scheme will give it a modern touch, adding a splash of color throughout the space will highlight certain architectural details and draw attention to this area. Using small touches of color from the main palette, such as red, yellow, and blue accents that inject joy into the space is also commonplace among homeowners.

2. Mix and match Aesthetics

Taking a mix-and-match approach will give you the opportunity to design an unconventional yet comfortable and chic home. Mixing patterns will bring the entire look of your bedroom into an aesthetic and contemporary look. For example, instead of pairing a Crema sideboard with a Crema bedside table , opting for a sliding bedside table or Dansk bedside table will add more dimension to the space. Switching to sideboards and displays that have a different aesthetic doesn’t mean your room will be less consistent. As long as these pieces share the same color palette, the combination of different styles will always catch the eye and never go overboard.

3. Choose Space Saving Furniture

Having a small bedroom makes you confused about what kind of room to decorate? Don’t worry! There are several space-saving bedroom design ideas that will maximize the minimal available space in your home. Of course you have to carefully choose the furniture that will work in a small space. For example, instead of opting for a wide dresser a narrower alternative like a Dol dresser with drawers and stool will fit in small corners perfectly.  

Another way to make your room look less cluttered is to install floating shelves. A lifesaver when you have a small bedroom, floating shelves and wall shelves will free up lots of floor space so you have more room for other items. Options like the Closed or Open Wall Hanging Cabinet Bezel  have a minimalist aesthetic and will offer more storage space for other bedroom needs. Multifunctional furniture is also a must-have when you have limited space to work.

Storage beds like the Apollo bed frame with adjustable storage and headrest and the Trinity bed frame  with storage cot are designed with the extra storage you can take full advantage of. Integrate multiple organizing solutions like fabric storage boxes and you’re ready to have a clean and tidy bedroom.

5. Consider DIY Projects

For homeowners on a budget, comfortable bedroom sets can be your choice. Freeing you from the need to purchase multiple pieces, this bedroom set comes with almost everything you need to set up a basic master bedroom. But if you want to add your own personal touch to enhance the aesthetic, then you can come up with your own way of getting it done. Simple DIY projects like painting your sideboard or adding artwork can be done to transform your space on a budget.

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