5 Modern Minimalist Living Room Wall Decoration Ideas

To create a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing living room, decorating with wall hangings is the right choice. Hanging wall decorations in the living room can be a creative means to create a modern minimalist home. Wall decoration also has its own charm, which provides comfort for residents of the house and visiting guests.

For example, if you are an art lover, then you can display an abstract painting on the living room wall. Or if you are a music lover, then you can stick LPs or musical instruments in that area. As a reference, the following ideas for modern minimalist living room wall decorations are interesting and can be imitated.


Calligraphy, also known as khar art, is the art of beautiful writing with a pen that is used as decoration. Writing in the form of calligraphy is usually not to be read quickly, but presented as a display of artistic value. You can use calligraphy art as a modern minimalist living room wall decoration.

Moreover, nowadays, many artists have poured their creativity into calligraphy in different media. Not only paper, there are also those who use glass, fiberboard, wood, metal plates, wooden boards, and so on.

Hanging shelf

Besides being used as a place to store various items, shelves that are hung on the wall can also be wall decorations. Like the picture above, the shelf is used as a place to display decorations and collections that you want to display. With the right arrangement, the shelf can also be an eye-catching modern minimalist living room wall decoration.

Abstract painting

Painting is closely related to high aesthetic value, and has a meaning behind its creation. Painting is not only useful for beautifying the room, but also gives a different atmosphere. Paintings can be an interesting modern minimalist living room wall decoration idea to choose from. You can choose various painting themes, to describe the desired atmosphere of the room.

For example, if you want to have a positive atmosphere, choose a painting that is cheerful and can improve your mood.

Wall Mirror

In addition to sweetening the room, mirrors are useful to help distribute light in a room. The room will look brighter and have a wider size.

There are various shapes of wall mirrors to choose from, such as oval, square, round, and rectangular. You can choose a wall mirror according to the design of the living room, so that it has a more charming appearance.

Wooden Partition

Besides being used as a partition that separates an area, the partition can be used as a wall decoration for a modern minimalist living room. Like the picture above, the wooden partition becomes a unique display to enhance the atmosphere of the room.

You can use wooden partitions and attach other decorations, such as paintings, decorative lights, plants, and others. Thus some information about modern minimalist living room wall decorations that you can use as a reference.

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