5 Narrow Bedroom Design Inspirations To Make Guests Comfortable At Home

The guest bedroom is something that must be owned at home. Sometimes when guests such as relatives from out of town come, we are often embarrassed because the room is small. No need to worry, here are the inspirational tricks for narrow bedroom designs to keep guests comfortable resting!

Especially if you have a lot of relatives from out of town. But sometimes, we are often embarrassed to welcome them because the room is small. Now you don’t have to worry about that…

Just follow the narrow bedroom design inspiration below!

5 Small Bedroom Design Inspirations at Home

1. Narrow Bedroom Design that Utilizes the Corner of the House

Welcoming guests who want to stay, in fact, you don’t have to provide a special room, you know !

You can also take advantage of another unused corner of the residence as a guest room. One corner of the house that is used is the attic. Just add a sliding door and make the ventilation a window.

Even in the attic, it can actually provide a unique and interesting sensation! Do not forget, put a bed that is adjusted to the size of the room.

2. A Narrow Bedroom Design that Combines Several Colors

The combination of colors can make the room look more cheerful and not monotonous. These nuances can give a pleasant impression to anyone who stays at home. What’s the right mix?

Remember, don’t mix colors too much! In fact, it actually makes the room look weird.

3. Two Beds

Saving two beds in a narrow bedroom design…

Hmmm, why not? Instead of narrowing the room, this will actually make the guest room look wider. There are several things to consider, such as the placement and size of the bed.

4. Single Bed for a Narrow Room

Since the space is limited, you have to choose a single bed. Place each bed against the wall. Also choose the same sheets for both beds.

5. Have you tried using a Murphy Bed ?

There really isn’t another room to use in the house? Don’t be discouraged, you can use a murphy bed. This bed can be a solution because it can be hidden on the wall. Apply in the workspace, study room, or other rooms in the house.

The bed can be folded into the wall if no guests are staying.

Well, which design is the choice and the most suitable to be applied? No need to be confused, take advantage of the design inspiration above.

So there is no reason to hesitate to welcome guests who want to stay, right now?

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