6 Bathroom Door Designs, Minimalist To Barn Door

The door for access to the bathroom will usually be made slightly different from other doors in the house. The reasons are various, to help guests find it easier when they visit the house. It could also be because you want to use a material that is more resistant to moisture. 

There are many bathroom door design ideas out there. Six of them are summarized below. What’s the design like?

1. Restored old door 

source: instagram.com

You don’t have to make a new one, you can just pick a used door leaf to restore it. Especially if the door is equipped with this rare tinted glass detail. Just polish some parts and install it as a bathroom door at home. 

Given the wood material, it is more suitable to be installed in dry bathrooms. One of the furniture upcycle ideas that can be applied, here. 

2. Modern mid-century bathroom door 

source: instagram.com

Want to combine old and minimalist styles at the same time in your bathroom door? Modern mid-century style is the answer. You can make a custom door design like the one above. The combination of solid wood with frosted glass or ripped glass. 

In order for the modern impression to appear, trick in the color. Avoid the use of patterns and do not show wood grain. The trick is to color the door leaf with a plain solid color. 

3. Aluminum door with ripped glass detail

source: instagram.com

For a wet bathroom, you can try using aluminum. So that the modern impression is still visible, avoid the presence of patterns and be faithful to plain designs. 

As a detail, you can add a speck of ripped glass at the top of the door. That way the aesthetics can be, privacy is still guaranteed. So, it is also easy to detect whether the bathroom is being used or not because this design only exposes the light from the lamp.

4. Seamless minimalist plain door 

source: instagram.com

If you are the type of person who really wants to channel your love for modern minimalist design, the bathroom door design above can be an ideal option. Without any ornamentation, it can be made of a more durable and moisture-resistant material such as steel or aluminum with a powder coat coating. 

Don’t forget to choose a modern style knob and keyhole. Plain door styles like this are also in great demand because they reflect modernity in a building. 

5. Rustic wooden sliding door 

source: instagram.com

It’s different if you like rustic and tropical themes. The wooden door with natural finishing above will surely catch your eye. To save space, it is designed with a sliding model. 

Doors like this are also better installed in dry bathrooms. Given the material is quite susceptible to mold when exposed to water frequently. Also pay attention to the texture which consists of several gaps. You have to be diligent in cleaning it regularly. 

6. The trending sliding barn door 

source: instagram.com

If you are lazy to move, a wooden sliding door with a farm-style concept or a barn door above can be an alternative. The arrangement of the wood panels is more minimalist, so it’s easier to maintain. 

The exposed rail detail can also add its own aesthetic in the interior of the house. Rustic, but also minimalistic. Especially with the right color selection, like the color of this soft  shiitake mushroom.

The bathroom door is actually unlimited in design. You can use various materials as needed, as long as it fits the bathroom concept.

Some designs are not suitable for wet bathrooms. Other considerations of course are matters of privacy guarantee, allocation of funds, and conformity with the overall residential design concept.

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