6 Feminine And Modern Pink Kid’s Bedroom Inspirations

Are you looking for an example of a pink kid’s bedroom? Take a peek at the inspiration in the compilation below. Kids are guaranteed to be more comfortable staying in the bedroom!

Even though it is seen as a mainstream color, it is undeniable that  pink is the favorite color of children, especially girls. Well, as good parents, of course we want to see our kids happy. When they ask for a  pink bedroom, like it or not, it must be obeyed.

There are  several designs of pink kid’s bedrooms  that look modern,  stylish, and comfortable. Don’t  believe it?

Come on, let’s see the inspiration in the following article!

Examples of Comfortable and Cool Pink Children’s Room Designs . Select which one?

1. Pink Bedroom with the Most Feminine Shades

For those of you who have  girly children, the following pink kid’s bedroom  can be your example. Everything in the bedroom is pink, from mattresses, pillows and bolsters, tables, chairs, to carpets. Even so, the bedroom doesn’t look too flashy thanks to the choice of a slightly pale pink color.

To make it even sweeter, you can hang twinkling lights like the picture above!

2. Pink Bedroom Shabby Chic

The pink bedroom in the picture above uses a paler salmon pink than the previous bedroom color. This color is a combination of  pink and gray, resulting in a more muted and mature color. The main design of the bedroom carries the  shabby chic concept .

This can be seen from the mattress model with an old school frame and lacy curtains that are often seen in  shabby chic homes. The  shabby chic concept is also equipped with floral bed sheets.

3.  Futuristic Retro Pink Bedroom

Want a kid’s bedroom to look more modern? You can apply the following pink kid’s bedroom. The bedroom design is built with a unique futuristic retro concept. As the name suggests, this concept is a fusion of retro design with a modern touch of the future.

The retro impression is obtained from the 80’s wall wallpaper pattern, while modern elements radiate through the bedroom furniture.

4. Minimalist Pink Bedroom

Still discussing pink kid’s bedrooms, this time the design is devoted to narrow spaces. Keep in mind,  pink is a bright color that is striking. Its use in a narrow bedroom can make the room look more crowded.

One way to minimize these errors is to maximize the function of space. For example, choose a simple bedroom design without a lot of furniture. You can also use windows or bedroom lights as a light source. The brighter the bedroom, the more spacious the bedroom looks!

5. Pastel Colorful Bedroom

The combination of pink, purple, blue, and green colors makes the bedroom look more  fun and lively. These colors also make it easier for us to make up the bedroom.

You also don’t need to install too many wall decorations. The reason is, the task of decorating the bedroom has been fulfilled by colorful walls! This bedroom design is suitable for kids who are active and cheerful at heart.

6.  Princess Pink  Bedroom

Make your little one feel like a princess with this nursery design! To create this feel, the bedroom walls need to be covered with Victorian patterned  wallpaper. Not  splurge enough? Add a pink mosquito net on the bed like a place to rest for  old princesses. Not only does the bedroom look beautiful, mosquito nets also protect children from mosquitoes!

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