6 Feng Shui Rules for Comfortable Bedroom

The bedroom is the most important place to add positive energy or “chi”, according to feng shui. Moreover, most of our time is spent in the bedroom. No wonder there are some feng shui rules that need to be considered.

According to belief, if a bedroom does not get good “chi” energy, it can cause division in the family and also hinder sustenance.

Feng Shui Rules for the Bedroom

Then, what are the good feng shui rules for the bedroom? To answer this question, let’s take a look at some of the feng shui do’s and don’ts in the following bedroom.

1. Using colors that contain earth elements

According to feng shui, natural colors are more suitable for use in the bedroom, such as white, peach, creamy , terracotta, or pale yellow.

The most important thing is to avoid dark colors that contain water elements, such as blue, black, and green. This color is believed to sweep away blessings and make us more tired of being in it.

No need to use these colors on the entire wall of the room. However, you can combine it with the color of the decoration furniture.

For example, if you use white bedroom wall paint, then you can combine it with terracotta color sheets, like the following.

2. Form a balanced room.

A room with good feng shui is one that has a symmetrical shape and is balanced at every corner.

For that, avoid making rooms with irregular shapes. You see, the shape of this room has a wall partition that can prevent positive energy from entering the room.

It is better to use a bedroom with a square and rectangular shape, which is balanced and can feel spacious.

3. Prepare the objects in pairs.

Items that are paired are usually able to give a romantic impression to the bedroom. This is believed to be able to glue family relationships, especially couples.

For that, you can use bedroom decorations that have a partner, such as a pair of pillows and bolsters, a night table placed on the right and left of the bed, and use two chandeliers.

4. Pay attention to the placement of the bed

Should place the bed facing directly towards the door diagonally. Then, avoid placing the bed right behind the window.

In addition to turning your back on the sun, this layout can actually create a feeling of anxiety and insecurity in the room.

5. Elements that can add positive energy

According to feng shui, there are several elements that are believed to add positive energy. One of them is room deodorizer, such as essential oil from a diffuser or aromatic candle. The scent of room deodorizer can provide a relaxing and calming effect on the body.

6. Things that can reduce the element of “Chi”

In feng shui rules, there are some pieces of furniture that can reduce the Chi element in your bedroom.

One of them is to put a mirror and glass right in front of the bed. You see, it can invite a third person, which causes a rift in the household.

In addition, avoid putting too many live plants in the room. Living plants have strong elements to keep growing. This is what can eat positive energy in the room, according to feng shui.

Well, those were some feng shui rules according to the bedroom that can add good positive energy.

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