6 Luxurious And Charming Spacious Kitchen Design Ideas

Especially for luxury homes, let’s take a peek at a variety of charming spacious kitchen designs here. Can make the house look more charming. Small kitchens are indeed difficult to arrange, but who would have thought that you can also find this problem in a spacious kitchen?

When the size of the room is too large, people are often confused about what things they should store so that the house does not look empty. However, because it is too roomy, sometimes the interior design can look tacky because of the colliding ornaments.

If you are confused about how to organize a spacious kitchen, just take a look at the various luxurious and charming spacious kitchen designs below!

Luxurious and Charming Spacious Kitchen Design Ideas

1. Spacious Kitchen with Wooden Floor and Two Kitchen Islands

source: planetofinterior.com

The first spacious kitchen design inspiration is quite unique and rarely found in homes in general. This kitchen looks charming with a white kitchen set that matches the color of the walls and brown wooden floor. The use of white color makes the room feel brighter and more spacious.

This room does not feel empty because of the presence of two kitchen islands in the middle of the room. The kitchen island closest to the stove area can be used as an additional area for preparing food, while the other table is for dining.

2. Luxurious Kitchen with Charming Pastel Colors

source: stockfood.com

Just like the previous design, this one kitchen also looks wide and big. To get around a spacious room, keep a kitchen island in the middle of the room.

Unmitigated, the kitchen island is made very spacious, even the same size as the dining table. The uniqueness of this kitchen is that the color on the kitchen island is not the same as the color in the main kitchen set, which is pastel blue. The choice of striking colors as accent colors makes the room look more charming and not monotonous.

3. Monochrome Kitchen with Marble Countertops

source: hzcdn.com

The next spacious kitchen design inspiration is suitable if you want to have a neutral, but still luxurious kitchen. This one kitchen is only dominated by two colors, namely white on the kitchen set and walls and black on the floor and bar stools.

There is also a touch of gold and green as additional decorations that make the room look more charming. The most striking thing about this kitchen is its backsplash which is made of small ceramic mosaics that glow when exposed to sunlight.

4. Modern Kitchen with Sophisticated Cooking Equipment

source: compellinghomes.com

At first glance, this one kitchen looks not much different from a luxury kitchen in general. However, there is something that makes this room unique, namely the presence of sophisticated kitchen electronic equipment and goods. Not only sophisticated, kitchen utensils such as refrigerators and stoves are also large, according to the size of the room. This makes the whole room look harmonious because it has the right proportions.

5. Luxurious Spacious Kitchen with a Touch of Gold

source: haggardhome.com

The next spacious kitchen design option is a magnificent and charming room. The luxury of this room comes thanks to the chess-patterned backsplash in black, white, and gold, the smoker with gold trim, and the gold chair legs. Not only that, the presence of a hanging crystal chandelier in this room also makes the room look very elegant.

6. Modern Kitchens That Are Bright Thanks to Windows and Skylights

source: sbsdesignandbuild.com

The final design looks much different from the previous kitchens. This kitchen is built with a minimalist concept that is equipped with a flexible and smooth kitchen set without many ornaments. Not only spacious, this room is also very bright thanks to the presence of glass windows that lead directly to the backyard and skylights on the roof of the kitchen.

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