6 Master Bedroom Designs with Ensuite

The presence of a bathroom in the master bedroom clearly provides convenience for its residents. In addition to better privacy, you also don’t have to queue with other residents when you want to use the bathroom. You can also more freely organize and store personal items, such as toiletries or personal care products.

Having a bathroom in the bedroom can be a little tricky, considering you have to leave enough space. Not only that, the design must also be appropriate while still prioritizing the aesthetics of the room. Here are some master bedroom designs with private bathrooms that you can use as references.

Bedroom with Minimalist Style 

source: designrumah.my.id

Having a bedroom as well as a bathroom can apparently be applied in a room that is not so spacious. For example, as in the picture above, this minimalist bedroom can still have a bathroom in it. The size of the bathroom is also fairly small, which is important enough to put a toilet, shower, or shower. This master bedroom design inspiration with an en suite bathroom is also very suitable for an elongated room.

Glass Wall in the Bathroom

source: arsitag.com

Do you like modern style or hotel-style room designs? This one inspiration must be imitated. You can bring the bathroom in the bedroom using glass material, instead of ordinary walls. Not only modern, the use of glass walls also makes the room look more luxurious and elegant.

If you want to use glass instead of walls, you also have to choose a type of glass that is sturdy and certainly fits your needs. A bathroom that can be seen directly can also create the illusion of a wider room, but make sure you are comfortable using this design.

Before applying the concept, you should carefully consider the pluses and minuses.

Bathrooms are separated by a partition

source: archdaily.com

The concept of a semi-open bathroom apparently can also be applied to the bedroom, namely by using a room partition. But consider the condition of the bathroom, don’t let the water wet the floor and spread to the bedroom area. You can install additional glass partitions in areas of the bathroom that are prone to getting wet, such as showers or bathtubs. Meanwhile, sinks, shelves, even cupboards where toiletries are stored can be in direct contact with the bed.

Do not forget to choose the appropriate partition type.

Bathroom Using Sliding Door

source: livabl.com

The design of the bedroom with the en-suite bathroom next is quite unique. The use of sliding doors can make the room look more attractive, as in the inspiration above. The bathroom is separated from the sleeping area, but does not make the room cramped. Unlike ordinary doors, sliding doors that tend to be larger allow you to arrange them however you like.

For example, by opening the door wide when you want the room to seem spacious, or closing it when you are taking a shower. Consider the design and selection of the right sliding door, lest it doesn’t match the overall concept of the room.

Camouflage in the Bathroom

source: ofdesign.net

Similar to the sliding door concept in the previous design, but this time it is much more unique and deceptive to the eye. Yes, you can hide the bathroom using a custom partition that resembles a wall or even a closet. This one trick can create a slick camouflage, so that the condition of the bathroom cannot be seen just like that. This master bedroom design with one bathroom is perfect for those of you who have a creative soul.

Curtain-covered bathroom

source: smoothdecorator.com

One more unique trick to separate the bathroom from the area for sleeping is to use a curtain. This inspiration is also suitable for those of you who like unique concepts. However, separating the two rooms that have different functions using curtains must go through careful consideration.

You must pay attention to the function of each room, so that they do not overlap with each other. Bathing and resting activities must also remain optimal, so make sure the design is right. Using curtains as a room divider, makes you obliged to consider the aesthetic value.

If you arrange it incorrectly, it will make the room look weird and seem too forced. Those are some inspirations for master bedroom designs with private bathrooms that you can try. 

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