6 Super Aesthetic Apartment Kitchen Design Inspirations, Small But Comfortable!

Confused about arranging the cooking area in your tiny apartment? Come on, find the best ideas through the following apartment kitchen design inspirations. It looks aesthetic and super comfortable.

Living in an apartment is fun for some people. Especially if the interior is in accordance with your personal taste, especially in the cooking area. It’s just that determining the arrangement of this area is a bit complicated because of its small size.

Instead of being confused, take a look at the following super-aesthetic apartment kitchen design inspiration, let’s go.

6 Super Aesthetic Apartment Kitchen Design Inspirations

1. Japandi Apartment Kitchen Design

If you like soothing natural nuances, try applying the Japanese design in the kitchen.The kitchen set looks made of wood with a light brown color. While the kitchen backsplash carries the concept of exposed brick with a layer of white paint. You can see this area is made elongated so that the occupants have free space when cooking.

2. Minimalist Cooking Area with Folding Table

Then there is a mini kitchen measuring 1.2 × 1.5. This apartment units are not for residential use but are rented on a daily or weekly basis. Therefore the size of the kitchen is small because not all tenants will cook there. But even though it is small, it looks aesthetic with the dominance of white color and a folding dining table. If you are interested in designing a kitchen like this, you only need to consider placing a refrigerator and stove as an addition.

3. Tiny Kitchen with Bar Table

The cooking area consists of two rows of kitchen tables , one row for the dishwasher and refrigerator and the next row for the stove and dining. In order not to seem cramped, use white and bright lights in this area. Then apply a strong color like black so the room doesn’t look monotonous. For the record, equip the kitchen with a kitchen smoker so that ventilation is maintained.

4. All-White Design with a Wood Touch

The next inspiration came from 42 square meter apartment with a Scandinavian feel. Although the area is limited, he arranges every corner of the apartment as well as possible. This includes the tiny kitchen area in his apartment unit. Not only convenient for cooking, you can use it as an aesthetic photo spot. Moreover, there is a touch of green from ornamental plants that makes the kitchen look fresher.

5. Cafe-style Monochrome Apartment Kitchen

Want a cafe-style kitchen atmosphere? The main color palette in the kitchen is black and white with a touch of light color on the refrigerator sticker. On the top shelf of the kitchen you can see a very aesthetic cup-shaped sticker. To slightly limit the visibility of residents or visitors to the kitchen, there is a small table that is positioned across the side of the refrigerator. While the chandelier is decorated with a cover that looks like a bird cage.

6. Elongated Minimalist Cooking Area

Not all apartments have a limited land area. If you have a roomy unit, it will be more flexible to arrange it. This shelf has many functions at once, namely for additional storage, display racks, to the dining table. At the bottom of the shelf there are wheels that will make it easier for you to move it when needed.

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