6 Tips For Choosing A Living Room Wallpaper

Determining the wallpaper for the living room is very easy if it is only based on taste, but the one that fits the characteristics of the room requires careful consideration.

The use of wallpaper is the most practical choice to decorate walls, compared to other ways to decorate walls. In addition, the use of wallpaper is also a solution to cover hair cracks on the walls.

So that you don’t choose the wrong wallpaper, it would be nice to first see the following tips so you don’t just choose a wallpaper!

6 Tips for Choosing Living Room Wallpaper

1. Customize the Living Room with the character of the Occupants

The main point in choosing wallpaper is that it must match the character of the occupants so that residents feel at home and feel comfortable. There are two things you can consider about this, namely the color and motif of the wallpaper.

However, the suitability of the occupant’s character and wallpaper cannot be used as an absolute benchmark in choosing a living room wallpaper.

2. Living Room Wallpaper with High and Narrow Ceilings

The challenge in choosing the right wallpaper is the size of the room. The reason is, this affects the wallpaper motif that must be chosen. If your living room has such a shape, choose a horizontal motif and not too crowded.

Motifs that are too crowded will make the living room seem cramped.

Meanwhile, to pamper people who visit your house, you  need a space that seems spacious.

In addition to the motif, you also have to consider the color selection. Make sure the color of the wallpaper you choose is lighter than the color of the ceiling.

3. Living Room Wallpaper with Spacious Size

Basically, choosing wallpaper for a large living room is easier because it matches various wallpaper motifs. However, the problem lies in the size of the room itself.

A spacious room without a lot of decorations will seem empty. This is where the role of wallpaper is useful to make a spacious living room not seem empty with the right choice of colors and motifs.

Choose wallpapers with dark colors such as purple, dark blue, and dark brown with abstract motifs.

4. Living Room Wallpaper with Low Roof

In contrast to a spacious living room, a living room with a low roof tends to give a cramped atmosphere. Therefore you have to choose a wallpaper that has a vertical motif…

For example, abstract motifs that extend upwards, vertical line motifs, or tree motifs. The color that is suitable for this form of space is a color that is darker than the color of the ceiling.

5. Adjust the Furniture and Room Concept

Just imagine, you choose a house with a Scandinavian concept while you choose a red wallpaper with a lively pattern?

Of course it will look strange and not harmonious. Guests will find it odd sitting in a Scandinavian furnished living room …

But the walls are decorated with red wallpaper. You also need to adjust the wallpaper with the furniture you have.

If you have busy patterned furniture, choose a neutral or plain wallpaper; otherwise if the furniture you have is minimalist.

6. Don’t Forget to Consider Lighting

One thing that people often miss when choosing wallpaper is lighting conditions. In fact, lighting has a big influence in aligning the wallpaper with the concept of the room.

If your room has a minimal opening, only a little light enters, choose a light color to reduce the impression of a dark room.

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