6 Ways to Apply Bedroom Feng Shui to Get Positive Energy

According to feng shui principles, the bed is the most important part of a room. Therefore, you must know how to apply bed feng shui.

It is undeniable, the bed is indeed the most important part, especially for you, lying down. How many hours you spend in bed. Calculated, the bed can be a place to spend the most time. When you sleep, you are in a passive “yin” state and are more susceptible to the energies around you. Thus, the position of the bed has an effect on you, whether consciously or not.

How to Apply Bed Feng Shui

1. Command Position

According to feng shui, you should place the bed following the command position principle. Command position is a bed position that allows you to see the bedroom door , but not directly facing the door. A practical way to apply this principle could be to place the bed in a diagonal line with the door as in the diagram above. But if it is not possible to apply this, you can correct the position of the bed by using a mirror. Use a mirror with a large enough size and place it in the right position so you can see the reflection of the door.

2. Relation of Bed Position with Room Door

In addition to the principle of command position, the principle that must also be understood is related to the position of the bed with the door of the room itself. The position of the bedroom door with the location of the bed is a major concern in the application of feng shui. Therefore, based on feng shui, avoid placing the bed directly towards the door. For example placing the bed directly towards the door, this position is called the “coffin position”. If the door is open at head level, you may experience a headache. Whereas if the door opens to the feet, you may experience foot problems over time. But if there is no other choice but to place the bed directly facing the door, you can fix it by placing a feng shui crystal ball between the door and the bed.

3. The Headboard Sticks To The Wall

The headboard or headboard should be placed against a solid wall to give the impression of being supported from behind. It would seem very strange if the bed was placed in the middle of the room with no wall behind it. If that’s the case, of course you will feel uncomfortable when you are in bed. In addition to placing the head of the bed against the wall, try not to have a window behind the bed. This can cause problems, especially if you have vision problems.

4. Placing the Bed Away from the Bathroom Wall

Regarding the head of the bed, avoid placing it against the bathroom wall because it can have a negative effect. Apart from feng shui, basically bathroom walls tend to be damp and cold which will make you feel uncomfortable. Thus, the bathroom wall is blacklisted as a wall that is not recommended for bedroom walls. But if this is absolutely unavoidable, place a mirror in the cold, both above and behind the bed to expand the room and eliminate the negative impression of the bathroom wall.

5. Space on Both Sides of the Bed

For the design of the master bedroom, especially the adult bedroom, provide space on both sides of the bed to facilitate mobility. In addition, placing the bed with one side facing the wall is a less than ideal placement. According to feng shui, the space on both sides acts as a balance guard like yin and yang feminine and masculine to provide space for couples. But for a child’s bedroom, it’s okay to place the bed with one side facing the wall. This can actually give the impression of support and protection for children.

6. Free the Ceiling

In addition to placing the bed based on the location of the door and surrounding objects, feng shui also pays attention to the top of the bed. Free the ceiling from beams, soffits, and sloping ceilings. Ceilings with such things can provide pressure and negative energy that makes you feel uncomfortable.

Here is a checklist as a guide for applying bed feng shui:

  1. Place the bed following the command position principle or correct its position using a mirror.
  2. Make sure the door does not open parallel to the bed. But if it is unavoidable, place a feng shui crystal ball.
  3. Solid wall behind the bed for support.
  4. Avoid placing the bed on the wall next to the bathroom
  5. For an adult’s room, create space between the sides of the bed.
  6. Avoid things that interfere with the ceiling (eg beams, soffits, sloping ceilings) to increase comfort.

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