7 Aesthetic Japanese-Style Dry Garden Designs

Interested in building a Japanese-style dry garden in your minimalist home? If so, take a look at some of the following design inspirations, let’s go!

The Japanese architectural style focuses on the use of natural elements. Therefore, the appearance of the room looks very fresh and refreshing. Not only in the interior, you can also apply it in the exterior area.

For example, to build open spaces such as dry gardens.

Come on, just take a peek at the Japanese-style dry garden inspiration in the article below.

7 Japanese Dry Garden Designs for Today’s Living

1. Semi- Outdoor Japanese Dry Garden 

source: interiorzine.com

First, you can use small corals to form a dry pond in the yard.

After that, build a replica of a small hill covered in garden grass in the center.

To make the Japanese feel even more pronounced, complete this hill with a mini tree resembling a bonsai .

You can also put large stones in some corners of the garden as an additional decoration.

For the record, so that the garden is not easily damaged, you can build it with a semi-outdoor concept .

2. Minimalist Dry Garden Next to the House

source: instagram.com

Next, you can imitate the design of this Japanese-style dry garden.

Even though there are not many plants on it, a cool and natural impression radiates strongly from this one garden.

This is because at the end of the park residents arrange a replica of a small green hill and plant a small tree on it.

Not far from the hill, ishi-toro aka Japanese-style stone lanterns as additional lighting.

3. Small Dry Garden in the Corner of the Room

source: houzz.ie

This Japanese-style dry garden design can be an option if the remaining open land in your residence is limited.

Its size is only about 0.5×1 meter, so you can tuck it in any area easily.

You can even build it in the house, side by side with the dining room or kitchen.

To make maintenance easier, plant bamboo trees that don’t require a lot of water.

4. Minimalist Elongated Garden Design

source: instagram.com

This Japanese-style dry garden design is quite unique, which extends around the shape of the house.

This makes the facade look more natural and cool, far from the cold impression that is often seen in modern buildings.

You can arrange coral or river stones in various sizes on it so that the appearance of the garden is not boring.

Then, plant some plants that are easy to care for such as bamboo and garden grass.

You can also install bamboo or wood tiles in some parts of the garden as an additional sweetener.

5. Dry Garden Design in Front of the House

source: instagram.com

You can also create a dry garden consisting of two to three small hills.

Then, sprinkle white rocks in the empty space between the hills as a substitute for garden grass.

Meanwhile, on each of these small hills you can plant outdoor ornamental plants to small trees.

To make it look more attractive, you can build a hardening area of ​​exposed cement around it.

6. Minimalist Japanese Garden Inspiration

source: instagram.com

If the open space in the house is spacious enough, you can build a garden like in the picture above.

Fill the ground surface with small rocks, then build an access road above it from the larger stone slab.

Decorate some corners of the garden with small trees and shrubs as natural elements.

Then, install a  typical Japanese outdoor lamp as additional lighting in one corner.

7. Dry Garden and Terrace in the Corner of the Court

source: bhg.com.au

Finally, you can build a Japanese-style dry garden complete with a small terrace.

Build a wooden deck in one corner of the yard for a terrace, then arrange the rest of the land around it with stone elements.

Use small white coral as the main layer of the soil, then add a matching large stone on top.

Complete the arrangement with small grass so that natural elements are still present in the dry garden.

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