7 Aesthetic Minimalist Bathroom Shower Design Inspirations

Come on, make the bathroom at home look more aesthetic and charming by imitating a variety of minimalist shower bathroom designs on this one! For those of you who have a small bathroom at home, you should install a shower in the room.

The existence of a shower can save space while creating a more luxurious and modern room. Still don’t believe it?

Just take a look at the various aesthetic minimalist shower bathroom design inspirations below!

Minimalist Shower Bathroom Design Inspiration

1. Bathroom Shower with Natural Stone Motif Ceramics

source: mustikaland.co.id

The first minimalist shower bathroom design looks charming because it is coated with gray ceramic. This gray ceramic with natural stone motif looks very modern, combined with a silver shower and faucet. To add a splash of color in the room, you can keep a green ornamental plant in this place.

2. Pink Feminine Bathroom Design

source: instagram.com

Want to have a feminine and beautiful room at home? You can imitate the design of a pink bathroom with white ceramics on this one. This design is suitable for small bathrooms because it doesn’t have a lot of stuff, only a shower and a toilet seat. Having a partition in the middle of the room also helps to separate wet and dry areas.

3. Simple Bathroom Pictures for Tiny Houses

source: instagram.com

The next shower bathroom design looks simple, but still looks charming. The walls of this room are lined with white ceramic so that the water from the shower will not damage the walls of the house. Uniquely, the floor of this room is left plain without ceramics, thus giving an industrial impression to the house. Although beautiful, this exposed floor is quite dangerous because it can make you easy to slip.

4. Hotel Tub Bathroom with Glass Partition

source: instagram.com

For those of you who like a luxurious look like a hotel, you can imitate this one design. The walls of the room are covered with charming subway tiles and make the room look more spacious. The uniqueness of this room is the shower area which is separated by the presence of a glass partition. This keeps the water concentrated in one place and won’t get the entire bathroom wet.

5. Natural Shower Bathroom Design with Coral Stone

source: instagram.com

Not only can you use it in the garden, you can also use coral in the bathroom. An example is this natural coral stone bathroom design. The shower area in this room is equipped with stone materials, from the coral floor to the andesite-covered walls. The beautiful impression is also getting thicker thanks to the existence of a small vertical garden next to the shower.

6. Picture of a luxurious bathroom with lots of plants

source: instagram.com

The next bathroom looks very luxurious even though its size is relatively small. The impression of luxury can be felt thanks to the use of showers and other bathroom equipment that is gold in the room. The gold color looks striking when combined with the white walls and floor of the room. You can also keep some ornamental plants in this place to make the room look more beautiful. The presence of ornamental plants in the bathroom not only makes the room more beautiful, but can also make the room feel fresher.

7. Green Long Bathroom

source: instagram.com

You can apply the next bathroom design if you have a narrow and elongated room. Store all the bathroom supplies in one corner of the wall, so the room doesn’t look cramped. Also use neutral colors in the room, such as white, gray, and pastel colors, so that this place feels more spacious.

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