7 Best Scandinavian Minimalist Bathroom Designs

Minimalist bathroom design can be an option for those of you who are confused about looking for references. Although simple, a minimalist bathroom also has a look that is no less attractive when compared to other concepts. If you want to combine other elements, you can try Scandinavian architecture which is famous for being attractive and beautiful. Curious what it looks like?

Come on, let’s take a look at the 7 best Scandinavian minimalist bathroom designs in 2023 that you can use as references below.

7 Scandinavian Minimalist Bathroom Designs

1. Tiny Minimalist Bathroom Design

First and the bathroom with a relatively small size and area.

This design is suitable for those of you who have limited home land but still want to present an attractive bathroom atmosphere. The bathroom floor uses ceramic material with floral motifs and on the walls also uses ceramics with plain motifs.

2. Bathroom Side Window

Second, there is a bathroom design with a window on the side of the room. The size of the window is wide enough to make the intensity of light that enters is enough so that it does not require lights during the day. This will make your home electricity bill more efficient and environmentally friendly of course.

3. Semi-Open Bathroom

Next there is a semi-open bathroom design. At the top of the bathroom there is a window that is useful as air ventilation and a source of lighting. While on the floor using 2 materials, namely wood and ceramics. In this bathroom there is also a divider that is useful as a separator between the dry and wet parts.

4. Bathroom Wall Lamp

The fourth Scandinavian-style minimalist bathroom design has decorations in the form of wall lamps that make the atmosphere warmer. This warm color makes the bathroom atmosphere more relaxed and relaxed. Suitable for those of you who like to soak while enjoying warm water in the bathtub.

5. Bathroom with Bath

Fifth, there is a bathroom design with a bathtub. Although the price is relatively expensive, bathtubs offer more comfort when compared to bathrooms in the form of a shower only. You can relax while unwinding all day long.

6. Wooden Floor Bathroom

For those of you who want to use wood material on the bathroom floor, you can try this sixth design. The floor itself has a distinctive brown color. There are 2 parts in this bathroom, namely for bathing and dressing up.

7. Bathroom with a partition

Finally, there is a bathroom design with a partition. This design is useful for those of you who want to separate the wet and dry parts of the bathroom. The design is quite minimalist and simple. There are partitions made of glass and an iron frame. Then on one side of the room there is also a sink placed on a wooden table.

Well, those are the 7 best Scandinavian-style minimalist bathroom designs in 2023 that you can use as references. Of the seven designs above, which one do you like the most?

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