7 Examples of Cool and Comfortable Blue Bathroom Ceramics

The Idea of ​​Applying Blue Ceramics in the Bathroom

Have a bathroom that looks cool and makes you feel at home, who doesn’t want it? It’s not a matter of luxury or size, the solution can be as easy as coming up with the right color palette. For a soothing natural feel, choose blue bathroom tiles which are currently a favorite!

Blue ceramic color is indeed beautiful and can provide a calming psychological effect in the bathroom so it is suitable for relaxation. Unfortunately, there are still many people who hesitate to apply it for fear of looking too much or not suitable. Does that include you?

If so, take it easy because actually you only need to adjust the composition, size, motif, and color tone  of the bathroom tiles.

1. Simple All-in-One Blue Bathroom Ceramics

source: thespruce.com

The first anti-grandmother inspiration comes with blue ceramic in one tiny area. With a small plot motif, this bathroom tile has advantages, namely anti-boring and anti-complicated. You can choose a more contemporary blue ceramic with a darker tone , but it still looks bright when exposed to lights or sunlight. Then, just mix it with white ceramics, so that’s it!

2. Dark Blue Ceramic with Gold Accents

source: mercurymosaics.com

As a mandatory accessory, present a gold-rimmed mirror to complete the blue ceramic. One of them, you can use Marsha Wall Mirror Gold from Ifurnholic which is uniquely shaped with beautiful curves. The gold accent is also softer, so it goes well with the blue ceramic color with  dark and light tones. 

3. Ceramics with various blue motifs

source: vecteezy.com

Do you like patterned bathroom tiles? In order not to get bored easily or be too monotonous, try the blue ceramic combination strategy with various matching motifs, like the inspiration above. This method can be more unique and provide its own aesthetic.

However, this patterned ceramic should not be applied to all areas of the bathroom wall because the pattern already looks “crowded”. Just apply a small amount in the sink or shower area as a bathroom brightener. Meanwhile, you can mix the rest with plain white ceramics.

4. Beautiful Blue Bathroom Tiles

source: thespruce.com

Is your bathroom dominated by white? Well, blue ceramic trim can be a way to make the bathroom look more cool and charming. Just look at the picture above! Not only partially, this blue ceramic trim is also present on the bottom line and center line.

The blue ceramic trim in the middle wears a beautiful floral motif. Plus a blue line on the top that resembles a unique water pipe shape. Also pay attention to the choice of floor tiles with a touch of black and white so that the blue ceramic trim stands out even more. 

5. Calm Light Blue Ceramic

source: tiles360.co.uk

From bright and bold , it’s time to switch to soft and cool blue bathroom tiles in the style of Japan. If you choose a soft blue ceramic, you can apply it to the entire wall area (full). This is because soft colors with lighter tones can give the effect of a brighter room without overdoing it. The bathroom will always feel comfortable and not boring .

Also combine it with brightly colored wood accents on furniture or sink tables. If you want to bring the feel of wood in the floor area, you can! However, it is more advisable to use wood motif ceramic material so that it is more durable and does not experience weathering.

If it is difficult to bring wood shades to furniture or floors to combine with blue ceramics, you can work around this through bathroom accessories. For example, putting a wooden tray in the sink area as a container for soap or skincare. Although small, accessories like this can add to the splendor of the bathroom.

6. Combined Various Sizes of Blue Ceramics

source: aradbranding.com

If you pay close attention, there is something unique about this blue bathroom ceramic inspiration. Although dominant in the style of symmetrical tiles, there is also an additional blue ceramic with a smaller size on the left side. This seems to mark the boundary between the wet area and the dry area in its own way. It’s okay, this is imitated! Just choose a blue ceramic with a glossy finish, like the example above .

7. Blue Bathroom Ceramic Color Combination

source: beaumont-tiles.com.au

Don’t want blue tiles that are too dominant? Try a combination of several shades of blue. Starting from dark blue, light blue, and also grayish blue. Then, apply it to just one area of ​​the wall, for example the shower area. The result? the bathroom looks more fresh, unique, and charming. Body cleaning activities also become more comfortable because the bathroom impression is much more lively and not boring.

Blue tile has been installed, but still feel something is missing in the bathroom? Try to look at every corner of the bathroom, maybe there are certain equipment that makes the room less attractive. For example, an outdated sink. You can replace it by using a contemporary sink with  a white marble pattern with quality ceramic materials. Your bathroom is guaranteed to have a modern, minimalist, and luxurious touch at the same time!

How about you, have you found the inspiration for the blue bathroom tiles that are most suitable for your home? The key, you must be able to arrange the location of the tiles and choose the right color. Also pay attention to the composition so as not to overdo it. After that, then mix it with a variety of matching furniture, accessories, or bathroom equipment.

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