7 Feng Shui Bedroom Colors That Bring Positive Energy

Confused about choosing a comfortable bedroom color? First, know the feng shui color of the bedroom and the energy it brings, let’s go!

Choosing the color of the bedroom should not be careless, because the choice of color has a big effect on the level of comfort. Moreover, the bedroom serves as a place where we spend most of our time as well as a place to rest. According to feng shui, we are more open to absorbing the energy around us during sleep. Therefore, make sure we choose bedroom colors that bring positive energy.

For more details, see the feng shui explanation of the following bedroom colors, yes…

Feng Shui Bedroom Colors

1. Green, Blue and Teal

source: designtrends.com

Feng shui bedroom colors green, blue, and teal have the meaning of elements of healing, vitality, and new beginnings. Colors that tend to be dark like this are very suitable to be used as bedroom colors because they give a calming impression.

Green and blue tones are also closely related to natural impressions such as trees, sea, and sky. Thus, this color choice can provide a healing and calming psychological effect when applied to the bedroom.

2. Purple

source: canerofset.com

Purple is the result of a mixture of cool blues and passionate reds. The combination of these two colors creates a balance in life.

According to feng shui, the color purple can bring prosperity because it is connected to the Xun area of ​​the Bagua map which is symbolized by wealth, material abundance, and self-esteem.

Not only applied to the walls of the room, the purple color can be presented from the addition of lavender elements in the room. For example, by using lavender aromatherapy candles or directly decorating the room with lavender flowers.

3. Pink

source: indigopaints.com

According to the feng shui bagua map, the color pink is connected to the Kun area which is symbolized by romance, relationship, tenderness, and femininity.

This color is very suitable to be applied to the bedroom because it can improve the quality of the relationship between husband and wife so that it becomes more intimate.

4. White

source: countryliving.com

White is the color most commonly applied to bedrooms because of its simple impression. In addition, white is also neutral and is suitable to be combined with it.

Feng shui color bedroom white itself has the meaning of purity and simplicity. If you want to have a room with this impression, you should combine white with other softer colors such as pastel colors.

5. Yellow, Brown and Orange

source: mydecorative.com

Yellow, brown, and orange are earth elements associated with grounding and balance. This color can be the right choice to apply to the bedroom, especially if you have anxiety problems. For example, applying yellow, a bright color that can give a cheerful atmosphere.

You can also apply brick brown, a color that creates the impression of a warm environment.

6. Dark Blue and Gray

source: dulux.co.uk

Feng shui bedroom color dark blue or navy symbolizes serenity like the night sky or deep water. When applied to the bedroom, this color can have a calming effect and make us more relaxed.

Meanwhile, gray is a combination of black (yin) and white (yang), resulting in a balance and calm effect. Including neutral colors, gray can be combined with other colors.

7. Black

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According to feng shui, the color black comes from the water element which symbolizes wisdom. Black is also the color of the yin symbol which is the biggest energy in the bedroom.

The black color is very attractive when applied to the bedroom, but it doesn’t feel good if applied too much because it can create a gloomy impression. Therefore, black should be used as an accent color only.

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