7 Feng Shui Doors That Bring Lucky in 2023

Feng shui of the house is often used as a reference for some people when designing a house.

Because, believe it or not,  feng shui can affect all aspects of your life from romance, finances to career. Therefore, it’s a good idea to follow the correct feng shui guidelines so that your life will be better. As in the following house door feng shui, which can be used as a guide in 2023 to be more successful.

Immediately, let’s look at the 7 feng shui houses related to the door and nearby items below, launching one of the Youtube channels of a feng shui expert, Dr. Akino W Azzaro.

7 Feng Shui Doors That Bring Profits in 2023

1. Use bright lights

At the front door of the house try to provide enough light so it doesn’t look dark. You can install a pair of chandeliers so that the atmosphere in front of the door can be brighter at night. A dark front door will hinder your luck in 2023.

2. Use the Red Doormat

Red is a color that is often encountered in the science of feng shui. Not without reason, red in fact can produce energy that can provide benefits for homeowners. You can use the red mat to make a lot of luck.

3. Maintain the cleanliness of the area around the door

Facade and entry to a contemporary white rendered home in Australia

The conditions around the dirty door of the house will hinder your sustenance in 2023. Therefore, make sure you clean the door of the house so that the cash that comes in can be maximized. Apart from the feng shui side of the house, clean conditions around the door can also improve the aesthetics of your home.

4. Put the Trash Can in a Hidden Place

Trash cans generally produce an unpleasant odor and are not pleasing to the eye. Therefore, keep the trash can away from the door of the house because it can inhibit the money that comes to you. Put the trash can in a hidden place that is not visible to the eye.

5. Take Care of Plants Properly

If there are green plants around the door of your house, take care of them properly. Because dead plants that live near the door of the house will hinder the sustenance you will get. You can add fertilizer around the plant so that it can thrive.

6. Place the Shoe Rack to the Right of the Door

For some people in Indonesia, placing a shoe rack next to the front door of the house is common. Because before entering the house usually people will take off their footwear outside the residence. But what is important to note is the location of the shoe rack. Try to place the shoe rack on the right side of the door. The shoe rack on the right of the door will ward off negative energy from entering the house.

7. Take care of the door

The last thing you can do is take care of the door leaf. Because a damaged door will reduce the aesthetic value of your own home and hinder the luck that you will get in the career world. Well, that’s 7 home feng shui related to the door of the house. Hopefully useful and you will be more successful!

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