7 Home Theater Room Design Ideas for Minimalist Homes

Having a private home theater room certainly makes it easier to watch your favorite movies at any time with your family. Especially with busy activities, visiting the cinema is not an easy thing to do. Well, if you are planning to make your own home theater, you can choose some of the following home theater room designs.

Home theater is a set of electronic equipment that will create a cinema experience at home with lifelike sound quality. This set consists of a large TV screen, movie player, subwoofer, speakers and surround amplifier. By having a set of equipment and unused space, you can create a personal home theater by sharing design creations that will definitely make watching shows more relaxed and exciting.

Home Theater Design with Mini Bar

Sometimes, viewing activities must be accompanied by snacks and drinks. Therefore, having a minimalist home theater room with a mini bar will make it very easy for you to enjoy eating without having to leave the room. Make a mini mini bar containing food and drinks that you and your family like.

While the design of the room can be arranged with a dark or soft impression. Furniture and various equipment can be arranged in a color that matches the room. You can add a bean bag for a more relaxed viewing activity. Meanwhile, room decoration is not really needed. Only some parts of the walls need LED lighting to create an elegant impression.

Home Theater Design with Unique Ceiling

Tired of the dark monotone style? You can try with a room that looks bright and decorate the room to make it look wider. Use a bright ceiling that gives the impression of being wide, such as a sky-style ceiling. The use of bright paint colors with dim yellow lights also adds to the airy impression.

If you love aesthetic things, put some wall decorations such as mini statues, wall hangings, flower vases, and so on that support a more artistic appearance. This style is suitable for designing a minimalist home theater room but wants to look elegant.

Semi Open Style Home Theater Design

If you are in a residential or residential location that is beautiful and cool, don’t be in a hurry to make a closed home theater. Take advantage of these conditions by making a semi-open style. Simply by choosing a room with free air in and out.

Apply a soft and large sofa so that watching with a fresh atmosphere is even more enjoyable. Meanwhile, on the ceiling it is necessary to add yellow LED lights. At night, the atmosphere will be more intimate and calming.

Home Theater Design for Small Rooms

Small space is not a big problem to have your own cinema. No need to be luxurious, you can make it by relying on a minimalist sofa with a touch of soft colors like light brown. Combine also with a wall of the same color or slightly darker. Use minimalist lighting without the need to decorate the room.

Home Theater Design by Utilizing the Bedroom

This stylish application is perfect for those of you who like to fall asleep while watching movies. By designing a home theater in the bedroom, you don’t have to bother moving here and there. In addition, the only thing that needs to be prepared is a set of home theater equipment. You also don’t have to bother planning the size of the room for a home theater. This one design can be called a simple home theater design.

Home Theater Design in Bright Colors

For lovers of quirky style, a home theater room with a bright or very bright color polish can be interesting. Such as red or bright yellow room decorations that are applied to all parts of the room. You can give a touch of white to some room furniture so it doesn’t seem sharp.

Rustic Style Home Theater Design

Organizing a home theater room requires the concept you want. Well, there’s nothing wrong with trying the rustic concept by making all parts feel alive. How to? You can start by designing a home material with wood material. Give a window like you are in a tree house.

To get a complete rustic look, use a ceiling-style ceiling and also add a scenic wall hanging on the back of the sofa. Meanwhile, choose a classic-style holder. The manufacturing process may be a little complicated. However, you will get a different impression of watching and make the atmosphere more homey.

Wow, all the designs are adorable. If this is the case, watching movies at home with your family can be done at any time and of course it will be more exciting. Well, you can recreate the design according to your tastes and home conditions.

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