7 Ideas Of Hanging Gardens Plants That Save Space And Make Your Home Cool!

Having a comfortable and beautiful residence is everyone’s dream. Including you? Well, presenting a hanging garden at home can make the atmosphere cooler and save space. Here are some other inspirations. Craving to apply the concept of a green house in your home?

Try to bring a minimalist hanging garden that can certainly save space. The minimalist hanging garden design in the house is a variation of a vertical garden but is simpler. You can also use hanging pots so that it is more effective for homes with narrow land.

Here are some pictures of beautiful, interesting and exotic hanging gardens.

7 Inspirations for a Minimalist Hanging Garden in a House with a Narrow or Wide Land

1. Simple Garden in Front of the Window

The first requirement to make a garden model like this is that it does not require a large area of ​​land. You can present a simple garden in front of the window by hanging clay pots. Plant beautiful flowers to add to its beauty.

The number of pots itself should be adjusted to the width and length of the window. Presenting plants in front of the window will provide them with good sunlight for their growth and development.

2. Hanging Garden Design on House Stairs

Furthermore, this hanging garden design can be presented on the body of the stairs of your house. The existence of a garden in the house will certainly make the atmosphere more lively and fresh. Well, with a natural concept like this, your residential staircase will look unique and attractive.

You just attach the wire so it’s easier to put the plants. Because the garden is made in the house, then you should choose plants that do not require water every day so that you will find it easier to care for them.

3. Take Advantage of Succulent Plants

Usually succulent plants are often placed in small pots or terrariums. Now you can create a minimalist hanging garden using succulents. This plant has many advantages, starting from its sweet style, it can filter the air, improve the humidity in the room to create a fresh atmosphere.

For that, for you succulent fans, here , vary the types and colors of succulent plants, yes. Do not forget to pin it in a pot box nailed to the wall or to the ceiling of the house.

4. Use Used Coconut Shells

Can you guess the type of pot in the picture above? Yes, that’s right, the pot above is a used coconut shell that has no contents.

It’s not difficult to make it , you can take some coconut shells to make a pot. Choose a shell that is still good and has a solid surface, yes. Then, fill the pot with planting media and of course the type of plant of your choice.

Then, hang it on one side of the wall of the house vertically. The results are so natural!

5. Hanging Garden on the Balcony of the House

You can make a garden on the balcony too, really. If you feel that your balcony is less attractive and looks empty, then it’s time to fill it with some greenery. The existence of a hanging garden on the balcony of your home will certainly make the atmosphere more lively and beautiful.

Your hanging pot can be planted with several colorful flowers. So, beautiful!

6. Garden next to the house

The side of your house is so empty and out of shape? Rather than being left alone, it’s better to create a beautiful side garden.

In addition to in front or behind the house, a garden can also be made next to the house. Of course, making a garden next to the house is a smart idea to take advantage of the remaining land. You can layer with green grass at the bottom and then plant a variety of beautiful green plants, and create a hanging garden.

You can hang the plant pot on a wooden or iron frame that you previously made as shown in the picture above. The presence of a garden next to the house will make the atmosphere of your home more lively.

7. Creating a Garden with the Kokedama Technique

Just heard of kokedama garden design? Yes, this cute garden design comes from a Japanese city.

Kokedama has a separate meaning, “Koke” is moss and “Dama” is ball. When put together, kokedama means a ball of moss that has a round ground and is filled with beautiful green plants around it.

One of the inspirations of this modern garden combines leaves and flowers with unique characteristics. You can hang or display kokedama at home. The main ingredients you need are clay and compost or special planting media for bonsai plants.

Also, don’t forget dry moss and thick threads, okay?

The treatment method is also very easy, namely, by regularly watering the kokedama or placing it in a bucket filled with water for 5-10 minutes.

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