7 Important Bathroom Fengshui Rules For A Good Bathroom Layout

Do you feel you already have a good bathroom layout according to feng shui? Don’t be rash! If you are still in doubt, you should follow these important bathroom feng shui rules!Indeed, the science of feng shui is not the main guide for everyone in the arrangement of a building.However, the science of feng shui originating from Chinese culture is widely believed and used especially by people of Chinese descent as a guide.

It turns out, for them, there is always good and bad in everything, including in the arrangement of the room of a building.Therefore, with the help of feng shui science, they want to avoid the bad and optimize the good in the home environment.

In fact, feng shui can also help you adjust the position of the bathroom and the correct direction of the toilet so that the energy is maximized!

Come on, understand a good bathroom layout according to the following bathroom feng shui rules.

7 Bathroom Fengshui Rules that Must Be Followed

1. Near the Bed

Did you know, it turns out that the bathroom should not be near the bedroom. In feng shui, every room has its own elements. The bathroom has a water element while the bedroom has an air element. If the two are standing opposite each other, then the water element will interfere with the air element in the bedroom.

In addition, the position of the bathroom facing the bedroom is said to disturb the harmony of husband and wife. Another thing you need to pay attention to is that the bed should not be next to or attached to the bathroom wall. The reason is, laying the bed near the bedroom will make your health disturbed.

2. Facing the Kitchen

The kitchen is a part of the house that symbolizes livelihood and has the element of fire. Therefore, you should never position the bathroom in front of the kitchen. If the bathroom is facing the kitchen, then a bathroom that has an element of water can “turn off” the fire element in the kitchen.

If the two are close together, it will make the fire energy from the kitchen extinguished by the water energy from the bathroom and produce a lot of negative energy. This will interfere with the income of the homeowner. Not only that, you also shouldn’t put the stove in front of the sink.

The effect can cause health problems and create disharmony within the family.

3. Near Places of Worship

The next bathroom feng shui rule is not to place the bathroom next to a place of worship. The position of the bathroom should not be near or adjacent to the prayer room or worship altar at home. The layout of the bathroom that is right next to the bathroom is not good according to feng shui because it blocks the flow of positive energy with negative energy.

Especially if you are a Muslim, the direction of the toilet in the bathroom should not be faced towards the Qibla .

4. Pay attention to the direction facing

Not only the placement of the bathroom, it turns out that the direction facing the bathroom is also important. The toilet should not be placed facing the road because this is believed to waste sustenance. However, do not also put the toilet back to the road because it is believed to hinder sustenance.

Another thing you need to pay attention to is don’t put the toilet in a line or face the bathroom door. The correct direction of the toilet according to the fengshui of the bathroom is that which does not face the door directly, onto the street, and is not blocked by other items.

5. Pay attention to the placement on the top floor

The lack of land area makes some houses have a terraced design. In making a multi-storey house, of course you have to pay attention to the layout of each room. If you place the bathroom on the top floor, then you should avoid the exact location at the top of the bedroom, kitchen room, or place of worship.

That said, this is not good for health and also for family harmony.

6. Location of the Bathroom and Main Door

You also need to pay attention to the placement of the bathroom and main door when following the science of feng shui. One of the recommendations is not to put the bathroom in front of the house or close to the main door of the house.

This will cause bad energy to spread to all areas of the house and also all residents of the house. Worse yet, this bad energy can influence a person’s mind to act negatively to experience various bad events in his home.

7. Position of the Mirror in the Bathroom

The element that is always present in this bathroom also turns out to have its own installation guide in feng shui. In feng shui, the mirror is an antidote to negative energy so it is better not to have a mirror facing the bathroom door.

Why is the mirror prohibited from facing the bathroom door? The reason is, this will actually make negative energy from the bathroom spread widely throughout the room. So, make sure the mirror is in the right position so that the room seems bigger and full of positive energy.

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