7 Inspirational Red Kitchen Designs That Are Charming

Many people have used neutral colors, such as white, brown, or gray in their kitchen. One of the colors that is rarely used in the kitchen area is red.

In fact, the use of red in the kitchen can make the room feel more charming, beautiful, and charming! As long as you can arrange the furniture and mix colors well, a red kitchen will look beautiful.

Looking for red kitchen design inspiration?

Check out the various inspirations that you can imitate below!

Charming Red Kitchen Design Inspiration

1. Modern Industrial Red Color Kitchen Design

source: instagram.com

The first red kitchen design inspiration is perfect for those of you who like industrial style.

This simple room is equipped with a bright red cabinet that makes the room look bright.

The red cabinet is then combined with black ceramic walls and white paint.

The existence of the black ceramic gives a touch of industrial style to the kitchen.

2. Simple Red Kitchen

source: instagram.com

This next kitchen model is a simple kitchen that is suitable for a small house.

Just like the previous kitchen, this kitchen combines three types of colors in this area.

The colors are black, red, and white.

So that the room does not look too flashy, the use of red is only used on cooking utensils, dining, and a safe in the corner of the room.

The presence of a bright red color on the furniture makes the area look more unique.

3. Kitchen Design Mix of Red, Yellow, and White

source: instagram.com

If you like bright colors at home, you can imitate this kitchen design.

This room uses a combination of red, yellow, and white colors that make the room look very striking.

You can find a touch of red in various furniture in this house, such as a refrigerator, cupboards, and some kitchen furniture.

Although it looks simple, this kitchen looks different compared to the general asian kitchen.

4. Red Color Cozy Kitchen Design

source: hunker.com

For a kitchen that looks more comfortable, you can imitate this one design.

The use of red in this room is only located in the wardrobe.

The color used is also red-orange which is more pleasing to the eye, so the room doesn’t look too tacky.

The presence of wooden kitchen furniture and tables also helps make the kitchen warmer.

A kitchen like this can certainly make you more comfortable cooking activities.

5. A Charming Red Minimalist Kitchen

source: hunker.com

One way to reduce reds that are too intense is to use a grayish red.

Gray or dusty red is a more muted color, so it won’t hurt your eyes.

Pair this color with neutral colors, such as white and gray.

With the use of dusty red color in the kitchen, the room looks more elegant and luxurious.

6. Modern Red Kitchen Design in the Apartment

source: architecturaldigest.com

If you want a kitchen that looks more modern, you can imitate this one design.

Unlike the previous design, the design of this room is dominated by a bright red color.

However, the room does not seem too hurtful to the eye because it is combined with large windows and white color.

7. Warm Country Style Kitchen

source: fave.co

Did you know that the use of red in a room can bring a rustic rustic style to your home?

The use of red, especially in wooden cabinets, gives a warm impression that is synonymous with rustic style .

This design is suitable for those of you who have vintage style house, barnhouse, or wooden house.

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