7 Inspirations For Living Room Wall Ceramics That Add Freshness

Wall tiles are usually found in several areas of the house such as the kitchen or bathroom. However, did you know that wall tiles can also be applied in the living room? Living room wall tiles can actually present various nuances, ranging from natural to elegant.

There are various types of ceramics that can be used. Some of them are porcelain ceramics, natural stone, slate, to wood patterned ones. Curious about the inspiration for this living room wall ceramics?

Living Room Wall Ceramic Inspiration

1. Exotic Combination of Natural Stone Ceramic and Wooden Floor

Natural stone ceramics is one type of ceramic that is favored by many people. The reason is, this type of ceramic is able to bring various nuances in the room, one of which is exotic nuances. To bring this nuance to the living room, combine gray natural stone tiles with brown wooden floors.

2. Contrasting Natural Stone Ceramic Accents

Besides being able to be used to coat walls, wall tiles can also be used as accents that only take up a small portion of the wall. To bring this inspiration, choose some ceramics with unique color gradations. To make it stand out, display this tile on a white wall to provide a contrast that makes the tile highlight.

3. Porcelain Wall Tiles Match the Floor

Furthermore, you can also combine the color of the wall tiles used with the floor tiles. The dominance produced by the combination of the two should be neutralized by adding 1 more color in the living room.

4. Slate Ceramics Adds an Elegant Feel

Want to bring an elegant atmosphere in a room with a minimalist concept? Slate ceramics can be an option to realize your wish on this one. Choose black slate tiles and cover one of the walls of the living room to bring out the nuances of this one.

5. Play Patterns with Natural Stone Ceramics

In addition to playing with colors, you can also play with the patterns presented by the living room wall tiles. This pattern can be created by choosing small ceramics with slightly different color gradations.

As a result, you will find the living room walls look more characterful with the presence of this ceramic pattern.

6. Evoking Natural Feelings with Wood Ceramics

Bringing the feel of nature into the house can be done in various ways. One of the common ways to do this is to bring natural elements such as wood. Choose a wood-patterned ceramic and cover one of the walls with the ceramic. This method will make the room feel fresher with the presence of natural wood elements in it.

7. White Natural Stone Ceramics for a  Homey Living Room

For those of you who like simplicity at home, this one option seems to suit your taste. Present a  homey feel by applying natural stone wall tiles in soft tones.

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