7 Inspiring Designs for Kitchen Backsplashes

Backsplashes are no longer a feature that shields your walls from water and soap spills. They have advanced significantly and evolved into a design element.

Many homeowners install backsplash not to protect their walls but rather to improve the appearance and design of the kitchen.

In the real estate sector, it is common knowledge that kitchens raise a home’s price and worth. If you intend to sell or rent your kitchen, the way it appears will have a significant impact on the price.

Additionally, if you aren’t planning on selling your house, you deserve to have a kitchen that is both breathtakingly beautiful and useful. It should be enjoyable to spend time in your kitchen, thus it should be designed accordingly.

Experts advise that you may give a fresh vibe to your kitchen on a budget by working on your kitchen backsplash and making it the focal point of the design if it is dull and monotonous or if you want to make it feel more inviting.

Here are 7 great, modern ideas to improve the look of your kitchen overall and design your backsplash.

Higher Backsplash

From a design standpoint, backsplashes begin at the counter’s level. By raising your backsplash to the height of top wall cabinets and even the ceiling, you can, nevertheless, add additional visually appealing design components to your kitchen.

Wider Backsplash

In a manner similar to that which was previously described, you may extend your backsplash across your kitchen, making the creative patterns on your lovely backsplash tiles readily visible.

Finding the ideal tile color and pattern is necessary for this, though, since intricately patterned tiles might make your kitchen design feel cluttered. The goal is to select a backsplash tile that is both straightforward and striking.

Colorful Backsplash

Simple and plain tiles can occasionally feel monotonous. By using vibrant mosaic, ceramic, porcelain, or stone tiles, you may add vibrancy to your kitchen decor.

You may combine and contrast colors anyway you like. On your backsplash, you may also make haphazard designs in various colors. Just make sure the backsplash’s hues complement the room’s overall design scheme.

To obtain a seamless design if you are using this style, you might need to alter the color of your cabinets, other fixtures, and appliances.

Play with Grout Colors

You may consider employing unusual grout colors to draw attention to your pricey and magnificent kitchen tiles. Many interior designers think the grout color may make or break your design.

The color of the grout directly affects how your area looks. For a seamless appearance, experts advise matching the grout color to the tiles, and if you want to make a bold design statement, use contrasting grout.

This regulation also applies to the backsplash in your kitchen.

Textures Backsplash

Tile retailers provide a broad variety of textured tiles. A calm, relaxing texture is accessible for your kitchen backsplash. You are free to be creative here. Simply browse their selection to choose the texture that best appeals to you.

Popular tile textures include linear, veining, granular, metallic, oceanic, terracotta, wood, and stone, to mention a few. You might also choose textures like clouds and flowers.

You’ll need to use grout color a bit cleverly when it comes to textures as well. You can talk about this with your tile supplier or the tile store representative.

Vintage Look Backsplash

Stone backsplash tiles, stone-look backsplash tiles, wood backsplash tiles, and wood-look backsplash tiles are the ideal for giving your kitchen a retro appearance.

These tiles may add a nostalgic feel to your backsplash and counter.

Ceramic and porcelain tiles with a terracotta appearance can be used for the same purpose.

Designer Mosaics Backsplash

The market offers both designer mosaics and designer mosaic tiles. When installing mosaics, you must carefully prepare your arrangement and execute the installation process. But there’s no doubt that the outcomes will be fantastic.

However, the outcomes will also be the same if you pick designer mosaic tiles, which are uniformly stunning. However, choosing designer mosaic tiles has additional benefit in that they are quite simple to install and maintain.

Due to the fact that they are preassembled on a mesh, you do not need to focus much on choosing the ideal configuration. Simply install them the same way you would any other tile.

Designer mosaic backsplashes and designer mosaic tiles give your kitchen design a contemporary feel.

Choose a material that can withstand the circumstances in the kitchen when picking backsplash tiles.

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