7 Minimalist Garden Umbrella Models For Outdoor Areas

Don’t leave the  outdoor  area at home empty! Just decorate it with the following minimalist garden umbrella model to make it look more aesthetic!

The front and back yard are no less important parts of a dwelling. These two areas are often used as a place to relax and gather with family.That is why the area is often used as the heart of the house.

Now, given the importance of the  outdoor area , you must know how to arrange it so that it remains comfortable to live in. One way is to build a shady corner. You can create a shady corner by using an  outdoor umbrella .

Here is a minimalist garden umbrella model for a tropical outdoor area!

Favorite Minimalist Garden Umbrella  for Beautiful Home Outdoor Area

1. Spider Web Park Umbrella 

source: hgtv.com

The spider web garden umbrella  has a pattern similar to that of a cobweb. There are various models, some are equipped with a sharp umbrella angle and also an obtuse angle. This one option is suitable for those of you who have an industrial design house with a dominant dark color. For a more optimal view, you can match the color of the umbrella with the tables and chairs around it.

2. Beautiful Garden Umbrella

source: homesandgardens.com

Want to exude the beautiful and green side of the backyard ? Choose this minimalist garden umbrella model! The umbrella color is  sage green, which is one of the trendy colors in 2022. Not only makes the garden look  stylish , green umbrellas also blend in with the surrounding environment.

3. Hanging Garden Umbrella

source: thespruce.com

Open or closed, this minimalist garden umbrella is still able to be the prima donna of the backyard or front of the house. The model is really modern and designed as a  multifunctional outdoor  furniture. When it is open, the umbrella serves as a shelter.

However, when closed, this garden umbrella can function as a hanger and garden decoration. This multifunctional garden umbrella is usually made of iron with a fairly sturdy mixed metal umbrella frame.

4. LED Garden Umbrella

source: hgtv.com

The minimalist garden umbrella model is then equipped with LED lights. The lamp is attached to each umbrella frame. Despite its small size, there are enough lights so that it can directly illuminate the garden area. In addition, the top of the umbrella is quite flexible. As a result, the umbrella can be bent forward or backward as you wish. Not only placed in the garden, this lamp is also beautiful for the balcony of the house .

5. Layered Garden Umbrella

source: thespruce.com

Layered garden umbrellas can add a dramatic and luxurious effect to the garden. This umbrella usually comes directly with the table and chairs. However, you can also find layered garden umbrella products without additional furniture. Layered garden umbrellas tend to be larger and heavier, not recommended for areas with frequent winds.

6. Wooden Laminated Garden Umbrella

source: hgtv.com

Wood material lovers will surely fall in love with this garden umbrella. The umbrella handle is made of thick and sturdy teak wood. The dark brown color of teak wood is the perfect match for a white umbrella.

This umbrella is suitable as a unique garden decoration in tropical homes.

7. Small Garden Umbrella

source: apartmenttherapy.com

One more outdoor umbrella model  that is suitable to enliven your home garden. The almost flat shape of the umbrella is a unique touch, different from other umbrella-shaped buds. Thanks to the flat shape of the umbrella, the appearance of the umbrella is automatically more minimalist and modern.

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