7 Minimalist Sofa Designs for Living Room

The living room sofa has always been the main concern for residents and visitors to the house because it is a fairly large and significant element. No wonder many people are looking for various models and designs of sofas that match the interior design of the house.

For those of you who are looking for a minimalist sofa for the living room, here are some interesting sofa options that you can choose from.

1. Baguette Sofa

For those of you who like a classic modern style with minimalist elements, maybe you can choose this one sofa. With Japanese-standard foam, this sofa is comfortable to sit on and looks elegant with the curved line of the back.

2. Biscuit Sofa Bed

If you want a sofa with multifunction, you can try to choose Biscuit Sofa Bed. Because in addition to its main function as a sofa, the Biscuit Sofa Beda can be used as a comfortable bed. Suitable for those of you with a limited land house if there are guests visiting.

3. Block Sofa

Masculine, elegant and minimalist, the Block Sofa is flexible, combined with a variety of colors and room styles. Here you will find a solid form and a design that is simple, but still classy.

4. Bloom Lounge Sofa

The inspiration for this sofa is a chair design from Indonesia. The combination of colors and materials is also very neat with wood and foam. Maybe this is very suitable for you to choose as a minimalist living room sofa for your home and will add a warm and comfortable impression, both in your living room and terrace.

5. Borris Sofa

If you really prioritize comfort, the Borris sofa can be the perfect choice. Contemporary sofa with soft foam from Japan with an ergonomic design makes this sofa the right choice for relaxing and chatting.

6. Dandelion Sofa

The combination of modern design and bright colors can make your living room look spacious and bright. With this minimalist-style sofa you will have no trouble matching it with various room designs.

7. Emo Sofa

You will find a simple and not so stiff impression on this type of sofa. You can get a trendy Scandinavian minimalist style from this sofa. The high backrest of the sofa and soft foam from Japan also make the Emo Sofa the right choice for comfort.

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