7 Most Beautiful Pink Kitchen Design Inspirations

So that the kitchen looks clean and cheerful, pink decorations can be the best choice. For inspiration, you can imitate a number of pink kitchen design pictures as below!

Usually the kitchen is identical with a dirty impression because it is a “workshop” where food is prepared.

Around the table and stove, we will surely see waste from used foodstuffs, plastic wrap, and so on.

However, if we decorate the kitchen neatly, a kitchen that has a dirty impression will look more attractive.

One trick is to add shades of pink to the kitchen.

The pink color will give the impression of being cheerful and warm at the same time, so it is perfect for those of you who have a small kitchen.

Do you want to change your kitchen décor to pink?

Let’s take a peek at some of the following pink kitchen design inspirations!

7 Most Beautiful Pink Kitchen Design Inspirations

1. Tiny Shabby Chic Kitchen

source: donpedrobrooklyn.com

If you have a narrow kitchen, you can imitate a shabby chic design like the picture above.

In order to produce a warm feel, combine various pink kitchen utensils with a kitchen table made of wood.

While on the walls, use white to give a clean impression.

Even though it’s all pink, don’t apply pink to all parts of the room!

If everything is pink, your kitchen will look tacky.

2. Small Asian Kitchen

source: pinterest.com

The kitchen picture above is one of the kitchen designs that is often used in many homes in Asia.

The kitchen table is in the shape of the letter “L” with the same ceramic walls, of course it makes the kitchen look boring.

However, with a touch of kitchen utensils and pink curtains under the kitchen, your kitchen will definitely look more attractive.

3. Modern Pink Kitchen

source: apartmenttherapy.com

If you want to make the kitchen look modern, you can try this one design.

Choose a pink wardrobe with a plain surface to make it look minimalist.

Then combine it with a variety of modern kitchen appliances, ranging from mixers, stoves, ovens, to a two-door refrigerator .

Although quite simple, pink is enough to make the kitchen look more stunning.

4. Pink Industrial Kitchen

source: home-designing.com

For those of you who like modern cafe-style industrial designs, a kitchen like the picture above can be the best choice.

Letting the ceiling look “unfinished” coupled with a chandelier element, will strengthen the industrial impression in your kitchen.

While the kitchen table is pink, it makes the kitchen seem brighter even though the ceiling and walls look a little dull.

5. Retro Pink Kitchen

source: pinterest.com

Lately, old-school decor is back in fashion .

To make a pink kitchen look retro, the key is the selection of kitchen furniture.

For example, choose a refrigerator with rounded corners typical of a retro style.

Then, combine it with other antiques in the home kitchen.

Finally, combine old-school furniture with a chessboard patterned floor to reinforce the old-school impression.

6. Futuristic Pink Kitchen

source: home-designing.com

This one kitchen decoration is suitable for those of you who have a clean kitchen that is large enough.

Apply pink on the kitchen walls, then combine it with white tables and chairs to make it look modern.

You can also add shades of pink using spotlights and pink trim lights on the kitchen table.

7. Striking Color Combinations

source: loveproperty.com

If this one design is suitable for you who dare to combine striking colors.

Usually the style of the kitchen as used in the 1960s to the 1980s.

The key to this decoration is the proportion of the use of color.

As a suggestion, just use flashy colors other than pink on a few items, such as chairs and chandelier shades.

Then, to add a cheerful feel, you can choose a wallpaper with colorful stripes.

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