8 Inspirational Models Of Sliding Room Dividers, Practical And Functional!

Separating the room does not always have to use a wall. You can use a sliding room divider as a room divider. Find some model inspiration in this article!

Property People planning to make a room partition for the house? HomeDesignFree.com recommends using a sliding room divider model.

This partition model is an alternative to the room divider besides the wall. Sliding room partitions can be said to be quite practical because you can easily move them and store them when not in use. Reporting from various sources, here are the inspirations for a sliding room divider model that you can try.

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8 Inspirational Models of Sliding Room Dividers

1. Insulation from the Curtain

source: avso.org

In addition to being window curtains, curtains can be used as room dividers.

The fabric material makes it easier to open and close and slide whenever you want.

You can also be more free in choosing the color and material of the curtains according to taste and the concept of residence.

2. Wooden Model Block

source: rumahunik.com

The next inspiration, there is a portable wooden model bulkhead .

This partition is not planted on the wall or floor. Therefore you can be more free to move it.

By design, the bulkhead of this model also varies so that it can be adapted to the interior of the house.

3. Partitions from Macrame Crafts

source: carousell.com

A large hanging macrame craft can be a unique and interesting room partition.

You can make this craft yourself from soft rope. Adjust the size to the room to be separated.

The use of macrame crafts is suitable for homes with rustic, Scandinavian, and bohemian concepts.

4. Sliding Door Shaped Bulkhead

source: rumahunik.com

Next, there is a partition in the form of a sliding door that you can consider.

The use of sliding doors does not make the room feel narrower.

You can easily open and close it when you need privacy.

Sliding doors are suitable for use in bedrooms, kitchens, and living rooms bordering the family room.

5. Minimalist Iron Insulation

source: rumarumi.com

This model partition can be a solution for those of you who like a minimalist design.

Made of iron decorated with various motifs such as flowers, leaves, to abstract.

In addition, the minimalist iron screen is easy to move and move to another room.

6. Glass Partition

source: crystaliaglass.com

Glass partitions can be the right choice as a contemporary home room divider.

Glass material can make the surrounding room seem bright and spacious.

In addition, there is a frosted glass model for those of you who want to be private.

In terms of maintenance, the insulation from glass is relatively easier than other materials.

7. Fabric Folding Room Dividers

source: shopee.co.id

At first glance, this bulkhead model is almost the same as a sliding partition made of wood.

The only difference lies in the material placed in the middle.

The cloth is installed so that it can limit the view between one room and another.

Fabric folding room dividers are suitable for use in bedrooms and living rooms.

8. Sliding Partition of Woven Bamboo

source: rumahdiy.com

Want a room divider that gives a natural impression?

Sliding partitions from woven bamboo can be the right choice for your home.

Apart from being a partition, woven bamboo has also been widely used as a building element for millennials.

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