8 Special Features of Scandinavian Interior, Elements and Tips

Owning your own home or residence gives you unlimited freedom to create a home look that suits your desires. There are many interior designs that you can try and adjust to the look of the house that you like. One of the interior designs that you can try to apply is Scandinavian Interior.

Scandinavian-style interior design is very luxurious and certainly different from other interior designs. This design has a very special and unique character, of course adapting to the character of the home owner.

1. Getting to know Scandinavian Design

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Designing and changing the appearance of the interior of the house is one of the most enjoyable jobs. You have the interior of the house a blank canvas that you will fill with various creativity that you have. The canvas will certainly reflect your personality as a home owner and reflect the unique characteristics of the interior you will choose.One of the currently popular interior designs is minimalist interior design. Minimalist design is very popular because it can be easily applied to a house that has a limited size to create a room with an atmosphere that looks more spacious, like an interesting optical illusion.

The same is the case with Scandinavian interior design which has its own special characteristics. Actually, what is meant by Scandinavian design? 

Scandinavian design is one of the designs that can be recognized from its simple and minimalistic characteristics. As the name suggests, this Scandinavian design comes from Nordic countries such as Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Iceland.At first, this design was only popular and applied to various home furniture, interior design and textiles. However, until now the design has begun to penetrate into various large industries such as civil engineering, architectural design and automotive.

2. Special Features of Scandinavian Interior

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Designing the interior of a home is a pleasure in itself. You have a freedom to create a special feature of your household. Every interior design has its own special characteristics, just like Scandinavian interior has its own special characteristics. Below are some typical features of Scandinavian interior that you need to know:

1. Not Using Carpet

Maybe you often see houses that use carpets to accentuate the look of the house. It is different from the Scandinavian-style design that does not use carpets in its main design style at all. The floor in the house that has this design does not require a carpet at all.

2. Simple Bright Colors

Scandinavian design has a very close bond with the play of simple and soft bright colors. The colors were chosen because the Nordic countries generally have very long winters and are rarely exposed to sunlight. Therefore, the use of bright colors is one way to maximize the interior so that it can appear brighter.

3. Utilizing Wood Elements

One of the uniqueness of Scandinavian design is that there are very beautiful wooden elements. Almost all existing furniture has very thick wooden elements, not a few are made entirely of wood. The colors of the wood used are also wood with bright and beautiful colors to give a very beautiful combination of color elements.

4. Draw a Clean Line

Many people like Scandinavian interior design because it has the appeal of clean and firm lines. All the details of the things that are there are also very simple without excessive and tacky decorations. Strict lines will also make the room look more attractive and spacious.

5. Rooms that are Neatly Arranged and Not Fully Filled

A small house should have a neat interior, without items that can make the house crowded. Scandinavian-style interior design also requires that the contents of the room you have should be neatly arranged and not full of items.

6. A simple accent

Scandinavian design is very special with simple and not excessive accents. Look for furniture that has a small size and has dark colors to create a very beautiful and interesting contrast.

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Avoid buying items or furniture that have too many accents. Because the Scandinavian interior style does not need too many accents.

7. Maximizing the Entry of Sunlight

A good and attractive house is one that can get enough sunlight. The same is the case with a house that has a Scandinavian touch that is synonymous with the use of large windows that function to maximize the lighting that enters the house.

8. Touch of Ornamental Plants

A good house should certainly have a touch of green colors from ornamental plants. Scandinavian design is also synonymous with the addition of small ornamental plants to give a refreshing effect to the interior of your home.Having a limited home buying budget but wanting to apply a Scandinavian interior style, you can still do it. 

3. Main Elements of Scandinavian Style Interior

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In every interior design, there are several different main elements that make the interior design more special and unique. When you are interested in changing the interior of the house with a Scandinavian style, there are several main elements that must be met.

The main element of the Scandinavian interior is to prioritize the play of bright colors to create an interior that looks more spacious while minimizing the use of lights during the day and making natural light come in more perfectly.Wood and iron are also two combinations of Scandinavian elements that you should meet. Scandinavian houses usually have furniture made of iron or wood and the combination makes the interior of the house look more natural.

4. Tips for Choosing Scandinavian Interiors

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If you have plans to change the interior of the house so that it has an attractive Scandinavian style, then there are some tips that you can follow as follows:

1. The use of minimalist furniture

To fulfill an attractive interior like a Scandinavian-style interior, you should find and use a variety of furniture with a minimalist touch that is not too large. Also make sure that your room is not full of various other furniture to further strengthen the Scandinavian atmosphere at home.

2. Look for High Quality Products

Scandinavian-style furniture products are known for their excellent quality. Make sure that you use high quality furniture so that the items in your home can last for a long time. Not only that, furniture that has good quality also usually has a luxurious and not cheap design that will make the atmosphere of the house look more attractive.

3. Play Contrasting Neutral Colors

As already mentioned above, houses with Scandinavian design have neutral contrasting color play. You can find furniture and items at home that have neutral colors to create an attractive and elegant Scandinavian interior.Those are some features, elements and tips from planning so that your home interior can have a Scandinavian look that is interesting and different from others. You can also find a variety of home furniture at a famous Scandinavian furniture store near where you live.

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