9 Elegant Front Paint Inspiration for Your Home

Having a beautiful and beautiful home is certainly everyone’s dream. Various ways are done to make the house more comfortable. One of them is to repaint the walls of the house. Well, in this article, we have summarized various elegant front paint inspirations for you. Come on!

1. White Exterior Color

source: amandaseibert.com

With a wide selection of exterior paint colors on the market, make sure you choose the right paint color and of high quality. White is one of the best house paint colors to add a cool and fresh impression to your home. This color is suitable for minimalist and traditional style homes. Make sure you choose a weatherless paint that is resistant to changes in weather and climate. 

2. Gray Exterior Color

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Next is the gray paint on the front of the house. With a combination of gray house paint colors with white trim, it can make your minimalist home look wider. You can use dark gray or light to paint the front of your house. Although gray seems dark, in fact this color is a favorite, you know!

3. Beige Exterior Color 

source: ppgpaints.com

The next house front paint inspiration is beige. With this soft color, it can give a simple look to your home. You can also give the entryway a brown color, and trim it with white for a more harmonious color. In addition, you can add rock accents like the picture above to add to the aesthetics of your home. Let’s try!

4. Turquoise Green Exterior Color

source: topexteriorpainting.blogspot.com

Well, for those of you who like shabby chic style , you can apply turquoise green in front of your house. Make sure you combine it with a neutral color like white so the colors don’t clash. In addition, you can also add white seating furniture, and hanging potted plants to make your home more lively. 

5. Yellow Exterior Color 

source: bobvila.com

Yellow is one of the exterior paint colors that can add a cool impression to your home. Make sure not to use yellow for the interior of the house, because it will make the room feel cramped. You can combine yellow with white or cream. Although yellow is striking, it can make your home look cheerful. 

6. Blue Exterior Color

source: pinterest.com

Next is the blue paint on the front of the house. This color can make your home look more luxurious and cool. Blue has become a favorite color among many people. Not only for interiors such as bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens, this color also turns out to be suitable to be applied as a house exterior color. You can complete it with white trim. If you choose a light blue color, you can use a navy blue trim around your doors or windows.

7. Sage Green Exterior Color

source: allurausa.com

In order to make your home blend with the natural surroundings, you can use a sage green color like this as a front paint for your house. To make it even more harmonious, you can give the trim white, and a different color for the entryway such as brown. 

8. Red Exterior Color

source: pinterest.com

Next up is the bold red paint on the front of the house. This color can make your home look fresh and traditional. Although striking, but not a few people who use this color as paint the front of their house. Don’t forget to add white to the trim, which serves to emphasize the color of your home. 

9. Brown Exterior Color

source: sherwin-williams.com

The next house paint color that can make your home feel cool is brown. You can combine this color with neutral white or gray, so that the front color of your house looks calm and elegant. So, have you decided on the paint color for the front of your house?

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