9 Minimalist Rooftop Inspirations That Are Cool and Cozy

Rooftop means a flat roof in the form of a concrete roof that is located at the top of the house and is open. Rooftops are usually found on minimalist modern houses, which are now starting to be planned more carefully.

A minimalist rooftop or terrace on the roof of the house is something that is still rarely presented. But recently, rooftops are more popular, especially among millennials.

Usually rooftop means synonymous with a large area and expensive manufacturing costs. However, in the midst of increasingly limited residential land, many have begun to take the initiative to create minimalist rooftops.

In addition to being able to have a terrace on the roof of the house by utilizing a small amount of land, making a minimalist rooftop is also more economical.

1. Industrial Minimalist Rooftop

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The rooftop concept means applying a style that is suitable for the upper floor of a building with limited land. This industrial-style minimalist rooftop is usually liked by millennialsIn addition to the modern style of a coffee shop , the materials used are quite efficient.You can add furniture such as benches for relaxation, small tables to place drinks and food, also some decorations such as plants with pots, etc.Even on a small house, a minimalist rooftop can certainly be applied. It is important to focus on the arrangement because the existence of stairs to go to the rooftop also needs to be noted so as not to make the room narrow.Want to have a house that is affordable and not cramped? 

2. Minimalist Wooden Rooftop

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You can use wooden base materials on the floor , walls and chairs to make the terrace look neater and more orderly. In addition, wooden elements give a natural feel and feel cool when you step foot on the rooftop when you want to relax.Because it uses wood material, you must take care so that the wood used remains strong, not fragile and still looks beautiful. To overcome this, use a waterproof coating on the floor and wooden fence. If you don’t want to be exposed to rainwater, you can install an asbestos roof on it.

3. Rock Minimalist Rooftop

Maybe you don’t want to use grass on your rooftop garden because it is quite difficult and complicated to maintain. As an alternative, you can add pond stones or white stones or pebbles to the rooftop garden .The advantage of using gravel or stones on the rooftop means that the footing area will not be slippery and muddy. The combination of stones with a footing made of wood can also add aesthetics.In addition, you can also take advantage of the stones to improve blood circulation by stepping on them while sunbathing. The massage effect you get plus the warmth of the rocks exposed to the sun will add to your body’s relaxation.

4. Minimalist Rooftop with Green Plants

The minimalist rooftop concept with the addition of green can cool the atmosphere.  (Photo: houseandgarden.co.uk)
source: houseandgarden.co.uk

Rooftop garden or rooftop means the upper part is full of green. The purpose is to be able to produce clean air, add green space at home, and can be used as a place to relax with the family.The view that we can get from the rooftop means that it is very different when compared to the view of the garden located in front or behind the house. In addition to being cool to see the freshness of the green, the heart is calm to see the blue sky and even the scattering of stars at night.The most important thing when creating a rooftop garden is to make sure the structure and construction of the roof of the house must be strong to withstand the load of plants, soil, water and the furniture that will be placed later.

5. Minimalist Rooftop with Pool

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The presence of the element of water can certainly make the rooftop more cool and beautiful. You can add a swimming pool or bathtub to your rooftop garden if the space and cost are sufficient.Do a consultation with a structural expert if you want to make a large enough pool on your rooftop garden . even though it’s fun, you need to think about how often you use it.Various factors must be considered, because you must routinely maintain and clean the pool, even routinely replace the water to keep it clear. If you are ready, why not?

6. Minimalist Rooftop with Bar

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Despite having limited land, you can also add a mini bar to your minimalist rooftop. Having a mini bar can make it easier for you if you want to hold a party, gather family or relatives on the rooftop. In order to make the atmosphere lively, install sweetening lights that will make the night atmosphere on your minimalist rooftop even more beautiful. In addition to the mini bar , you can also add barbecue equipment at certain times.

7. Aesthetic Minimalist Rooftop

Aesthetically minimalistic rooftops are very suitable for use in the homes of millennials who like to decorate their rooms with modern trinkets.  (Photo: Pinterest)
source: pinterest.com

For those of you who like beauty and aesthetic concepts, this minimalist rooftop can be used as inspiration. This minimalist aesthetic rooftop is strongly influenced by the decoration and furniture chosen.You can add decorations and decorations that add to the minimalist rooftop aesthetic such as hanging lights, patterned carpets, rows of unique pillowcases, to macrame decorations according to the concept.But don’t forget to put it in when the weather is cloudy!

8. Bohemian Minimalist Rooftop

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For those of you who like the bohemian concept, of course you can apply it to the minimalist rooftop of your dreams. Create a warm atmosphere so that the moments of gathering with loved ones become more familiar.The unique style offered by bohemian style decor can be brought to the rooftop .With special decorations such as ethnic motif floor carpets, tribal pillowcase patterns, to throws can be complementary elements to create a comfortable effect.Want to be more unique, decorate your minimalist rooftop with pots of cactus or succulents with different shapes. Green elements can complete the combination of warm colors that have strongly radiated from your chosen bohemian style.

9. Masculine Minimalist Rooftop

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The minimalist masculine rooftop concept is suitable for those of you who like things that are masculine and don’t like a lot of prints. Material with a strong character such as iron is a strong element in this style.The selection of furniture and color also greatly affects the success or failure of the masculine concept created. You can apply dark colors such as black, gray, with a combination of white.For furniture, choose a simple design with a strict silhouette in matching colors. Choosing furniture without fabric mats or pillows will make you more practical, without having to worry if it suddenly rains.

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