9 Modern Minimalist Bathroom Design Ideas

Creating a minimalist bathroom design that fits your personality is not easy. There are many details that you need to consider so that the bathroom you have planned can be realized properly.

For example, when you want to create a modern minimalist bathroom. Instead of using a bathtub , it would be better if you choose a shower to complete the bathroom. Likewise with the decorations and ornaments that complement it.

That way, you can make maximum use of the space without reducing the beauty that can be displayed from the bathroom design that you have made. Even so, from these several examples, you can still choose and adjust it to the budget and needs of the minimalist bathroom design that you will make. Interesting, right?

If you dream of a minimalist bathroom with perfect comfort, here are 9 ideas to choose from.

1. Minimalism with a Neutral Color Palette

source: contemporist.com

One way to make your bathroom look simple is to use neutral colors. Plain white, light gray, beige, or black will instantly make your bathroom feel minimalist. Use the same color for floors, walls, and other equipment options. Can also use a color tone that is not too far from the main color. For example, light gray for the walls and slightly dark gray for the floor.The advantage of using this light neutral color is that the bathroom space will feel airy and bright, like this work by Edward Szewczyk Architects . While the use of dark neutral colors will give the impression of an efficient bathroom.

2. Neat with Minimal Equipment

source: contemporist.com

Make sure your bathroom is not filled with less important equipment so that the minimalist impression is immediately captured. Do not be tempted to equip the bathroom with plastic curtains, plastic cups, excessive hangers, candle containers, or flower vases for example. Just provide the main equipment as needed. Periodically check the equipment. Tidy up the equipment when not in use. Architekten Wannenmacher + Moeller GmbH collection can be your reference.

3. Use Contrast

source: contemporist.com

Neutral bathroom colors for some people can be too flat or plain. So, to give a minimalist modern accent, use contrast in some of the equipment. For example, color contrast or material contrast on faucets, shower handles, soap containers on the wall, or water holes. This work was inspired by Nicolas Schuybroek .

Home Tips

Don’t go overboard with this contrast. Too many contrasting accents actually make your bathroom seem crowded.

4. Bright Color Surprise

source: home-designing.com

Your minimalist bathroom can still look cheerful with a touch of bright colors. There’s nothing wrong with giving a little surprise to your bathroom space so that there is an element of freshness in it. Choose a contemporary color or your favorite bright color. Apply limited to one small area. For example, a row of yellow tiles pop on top of white. This bright color that is not excessive will look sweet, minimalist.

5. Simple Ornament

source: Norden Living

Every bathroom does need supporting equipment. Therefore, to keep highlighting the minimalist bathroom style, make sure you also choose equipment, complementary ornaments, or other simple and functional design ornaments. Avoid choosing equipment that has too many colors, too many details, looks heavy in design, or that takes up space. Choose ornaments or equipment that are multi-functional, neutral color tones, from light but strong materials, and adjust them to your needs.

6. Optimize Storage

source: home-designing.com

There are times when a house must maximize the existing area to accommodate various needs. Including the bathroom which is sometimes used as a washing area. You can maintain the minimalist style of the bathroom by optimizing the shelves or storage cabinets that need to be there. Try planning and making storage cabinets that are simple, sturdy, and can change functions flexibly. Use materials that are durable and easy to clean. Give the game closed and open storage areas. So that the impression of minimalism and lightness is still felt.

7. Use Wide Ceramic

source: dwell.com

One way to make your bathroom style minimalist is to use wide ceramics or coatings. Both on the floor and walls. Ceramic or wide upholstery will minimize any lines or angles that appear in the room. The use of wide ceramics will also give the impression of being spacious, light, and simple in the bathroom space.

8. Minimalist Japanese Style

source: dwell.com

Japanese style interiors are known for their efficiency, simplicity and tidiness. Taking Japanese style ideas will instantly make your bathroom look minimalist, simple, and neat. The use of wood elements, for example, can be applied to give the impression of a simple Japanese style. Remember to apply this style in a balanced way in order to avoid a design that is clumsy and redundant. Pay attention to the needs of the bathroom for the residents of the house, then apply this interior style to the area where it is possible.

9. Green Minimalist

source: home-designing.com

A minimalist bathroom doesn’t have to be cold or stiff. Your bathroom can look more attractive by placing fresh plants in the corners. There are quite a number of beautiful leafy ornamental plants that are suitable to be placed in the bathroom. Matching leaves will make your bathroom fresher and livelier. Make sure your ornamental plants are periodically exchanged with other ornamental plants. So that it stays fresh, well-groomed, and its dry leaves don’t contaminate the bathroom.

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