Best Living Room Design For Your Inspiration

Whether you have a large space or a teeny tiny space, figuring out the layout of your living room is important. The furniture is heavy, there are likely fragile decor items, and while it’s fun for the first 10 minutes, if you don’t have a plan it can quickly become a not-so-fun job.

To help you with your layout and to inspire you to maybe try a new one, here are 15 living rooms that have been photographed from above to show you how they’ve been set up.

1. A sofa, loveseat, and a patterned rug take center stage in this aerial view of the living room.

2. The use of light wood and grey help the red accents, like the chairs, pillows, and blanket really pop.

3. This simple living room uses blue and subtle hints of yellow to add color and life to the space.

4. This large, bright living room has been divided into two main areas. One for lounging on the sofa and watching TV, and another quieter spot next to the fire for cozying up with a book.

5. Although this living room is small, the glass table and patterned rug help make it feel larger.

6. The oversized rug used in this living room softens the space and creates a designated living area.

7. This living room shows how perfectly fitting together furniture, rugs, and accents, can make a space feel finished yet homey.


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