Create a Minimalist Garden Design Ideas inside The House

Home gardens can not only be made outside but also indoors. In addition to adding to the beauty of the room, the garden of the house also makes the atmosphere more beautiful, and with the presence of plants, of course it will also have a good effect on health.Why should you have a home garden? Because the existence is so very important, one of which is as an air purifier. Indoor pollution, both at home and in the office, can indirectly increase the risk of respiratory infections, 

stroke, and lung cancer. Plants can help eliminate space pollution from harmful compounds, fuels, furniture, and clothing 

In addition to adding to the aesthetics of the house, making it more comfortable at home, the garden can also increase productivity by up to 38%.

Having a small garden at home is certainly fun. This area can make the residence look beautiful and cool so that it is more comfortable to live in. Not only outside, you can also create a minimalist garden inside the house. Here’s the inspiration!

Not all houses have remaining land in the outside area to build a garden. If you also experience this, building a garden at home can be a solution. The size does not need to be wide, just adjust it to the existing land.

As inspiration, here are some minimalist garden designs in your home that you can imitate!

Inspirations for a Minimalist Garden in an Aesthetic Home

1. Minimalist Dry Garden with Pebble Floor in the House


If you don’t want to bother, you can use the dry garden concept at home. That is, you do not use soil but gravel as the base. Then, choose ornamental plants that are easy to grow in pots so that maintenance is simpler. For example, cacti, which do not need to be watered too often.

2. Indoor Garden Under the Stairs


If the space under the stairs is not used, you can turn it into a minimalist style garden. If you don’t have much time to take care of plants, choose plants with easy care, such as bamboo plants or cacti. Cover the surface with stone and to beautify you can add accent lighting.

3. Tropical Home Garden that blends with the Living Room


A mini forest with tropical nuances can be a choice of garden design in the house, choose tropical plants such as ornamental bananas, agave, and palms that are easy to care for. To separate the garden and the room, use a sliding or folding door made of glass, because even though the garden is separated by a door, the two spaces still look together.

4. A Small Garden with Artificial Grass


The use of a transparent roof such as glass seems to be the best solution for building a minimalist garden in the house.This keeps the garden area bright even though it is indoors so the plants can grow well. To make the garden look more attractive, you can use artificial grass for the floor. Then, build a garden wall with bricks painted in natural colors.

5. Home Garden Close to Workspace


Want to be more productive at work and easily get inspired? Certainly can. Try it by making a home garden near the workspace. That way, you can get a beautiful and cool view of the garden when you look at it. However, if conditions do not allow, try to put ornamental plants in the room. Because, plants are believed to increase happiness and productivity. In addition to their health benefits, plants in the workspace can also reduce stress and increase productivity.

6. Minimalist Garden in a House with a Small Fountain


Not only green plants, you can also complete the garden with a mini fountain. In effect, this area is getting stronger emitting a cool and refreshing feel. Near the garden, there are two small chairs that residents can use to relax.

7. Home Garden Near the Bathroom


Have a minimalist home and limited space? You can outsmart the garden by combining it with the bathroom. The bathroom will certainly be cooler and look natural if it is equipped with trees and rocks like the picture above.

8. Minimalist Garden in the House Near the Kitchen


Finally, you can build an  indoor garden not far from the kitchen and dining room. That way, while cooking you have access to a cool green area. For easy maintenance, choose  indoor plants such as bamboo that have high resistance.

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