Create Multifunctional Living Room Ideas

The urban lifestyle has made everything more flexible – flexibility is also of course widely applied in their respective homes. Rejecting the concept of a formal living room that seems too rigid for families, the open living room has become a trend in the design world.

While this is a trend that will remain, the idea of ​​incorporating everything from a home office to a dining room in hopes of creating a multifunctional space can be overwhelming. If you are planning to make your small living room double, you will not only need to make sure that it can be used for multiple purposes but also adapt as your needs change over time.

Then how do you design a modern and contemporary living room that is able to handle more functions with a limited floor plan?

1. Define a Different Space

The family room is a space for gathering, entertaining, and relaxing. With work-from-home arrangements being more common, the amount of activity that takes place within the living room has undoubtedly increased. Thus, if the interior design is not well planned, the space may look cluttered and confusing. Therefore, it is important to identify areas for each activity and use furniture to mark the boundaries.

To define different spaces, the first step is to analyze the area and decide what you need to do to create a zone that reflects the mood of the activity. For example, the lounge area will be more intimate and require a different scheme that remains integrated with other areas such as the kitchen and dining room.

Having a painted or textured space are a few ways to signal a change of purpose. To zone a home office space, you can paint blocks of different colors to create a visual cue for separation. Different textures and materials can also be used to make different distinctions.

If your living room is furnished with wooden furniture such as a coffee table and sideboard, the dining area can be contrasted with a sintered stone dining table. To maintain similarities and unite the two areas, wood elements can still be injected into the dining area by combining the Max dining table chairs .

2. Be Harmonious

In a multifunctional room, whatever furniture you place must have harmony from one furniture to another. This means that as you work to define different spaces through zoning, the overall design view should not be lost. A cohesive decoration scheme is also required.

Symmetry blades in simple furniture and accessories can be used to unite separate areas. For example, you can create certain shapes throughout the living room to visually unite them. If corner shapes are your thing, pieces like the Elda L-shape fabric sofa  with wooden storage arms and the Bolda Gray quartz dining table  with flexible dining chairs exude compactness. The subtle wood elements also serve to unify the entire space. 

3. Smart Furniture Choices

There are many things to consider when trying to create a harmonious space. Incorporating the right furniture into the living room has to be one of the biggest challenges.


The right sofa has a role as an anchor piece by being the focal point of the living room. So if your family likes to get together, make sure the living room has some entertainment with pieces like the Celadon L-shape modular fabric sofa with movable side table.


Since installing sliding doors costs money, use shelves and display cabinets instead of room dividers. Avoid wall dividers like tacky looking bulletin boards and separate your living room with storage shelves like the Luceo display shelf. Multifunctional in nature, this type of division reduces structural barriers, making the room feel more open and spacious.

Extendable Table

If you work from home and want to make space for a home office in your living room, adding another desk may not work. This is where extendable dining tables like the  Gris sintered stone top  and Massa sintered stone top come in . The extendable dining room table allows you to do separate activities and bring the family together at the same time. Work all day? Use the table as is and stretch it out while your whole family sits down to eat.

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