Here Are 9 Inspirations for a Minimalist Garden

If you have unused land in your front yard, try using it by building a garden, Bela. It doesn’t need to be large, just take advantage of the waste of the land and decorate the garden with plants and flowers that you like. Building a garden at home is said to bring many benefits. Providing peace and being a place to relax are two of the many benefits that can be felt through the presence of a garden. In addition, the garden at home is also very suitable as a place to enjoy the sunset while sipping coffee or tea.

Well, for those of you who want to build a garden with a small area, here Popbela provides 9 minimalist garden designs in front of the house that you can use as inspiration.

1. Corner garden of the house


You can build this one garden in the corner area of ​​the front corner of the house. By using a pot made of cement with an unfinished touch, it will create a neat and clean garden. You can also cover the soil in the pot with white stones to add to the aesthetic value of the garden.

2. Potted garden with rocks


This garden design is perfect for those of you who want to give a truly natural impression. The use of rocks to cover the ground and the use of pots with colors that match the stones will give a natural impression to your garden.

3. Vertical garden with shelves and frames


This type of garden is perfect for those of you who have super limited land. The manufacturing process also varies. One of them is by using a medium box rack that is arranged upwards. This method is considered more able to accommodate many plants and creates a neat impression.

4. Minimalist garden


For those who live in cluster areas , usually have very minimal land, because it has been used for a garage. Don’t worry, you can make various types of plants as decorations right in front of the house, with charming pot variants and plant rack combinations. Although the width of the land is not up to one meter, it can still look beautiful, right?

5. Gardens with a predominance of greenery


For some people, this garden design may seem. However, on the other hand, this garden design can really relieve stress because the dominant shades of green can make the body and mind refresh. Not only that, this garden design also makes the house much cleaner, beautiful and beautiful, of course.

6. Garden in the corner of the stairs


This garden is very simple to make. You only need to use pots of various shapes and sizes. To create a minimalist impression, you can use pots with uniform shapes and colors.

7. Vineyards


In addition to making a vertical garden as a solution to limited land, you can also create a garden with vines. No less beautiful than other plants, vines are also able to decorate your home page and of course are also able to provide coolness like curtains.

8. Classic garden


This park is perfect for those of you who like classic style. The use of wooden fences as the base of cement pots in the garden is able to present a classic feel that gives a cool and beautiful impression. The presence of rocks of various sizes as a complement to this cement-based pot, also makes the garden look beautiful to look at.

9. Vertical garden with pots


In addition to using boxes, in general, vertical gardens use a lot of hanging pots as a medium for growing crops. This method is also highly recommended for those of you who have very limited land, or want to learn to grow hydroponically. 

Those are nine minimalist garden designs in front of the house that you can use as inspiration. 

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